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Reviewer Jorge Pelaez writes in with his impressions of the latest hunter to join the pack of Hot Toys' Movie Masterpiece Series...

Take it away, Jorge...

The newest addition to the Hot Toys Predator line has arrived! The AVP Requiem "The Cleaner" 1/6 scale model kit features all new exclusive accessories and a brand new state-of-the-art package that sets this collectible miles apart from its predecessors!

Hot Toys has always incorporated a very impressive packaging design with all their previous Predator model kits but they have definitely broken the mold with The Cleaner's package (above). The outer cardboard sleeve has been designed to look like what seems to be the Wolf Predator's backpack as seen in the film which makes it stand out next to previously released figures.

The back panel of the sleeve (above)features a photo gallery of the fully assembled model kit and the plentiful accessories it includes (above). The interior box features a one-of-a-kind cube shaped column package with windows on three sides surrounded by Predator hieroglyphics that show most of the individual pieces of the model kit which are arranged in away that resembles a weapons arsenal (below).

The clear plastic column casing slides out of the decorative outer window-box for easy access and visibility of all the parts needed to assemble the Predator with a black column inserted in the center showing building schematics and assembly instructions.

The new packaging is the most innovative and impressive element of this collectible and makes this Predator model kit a definite must-have for fans of mint in box collecting and displaying!!

The sculpting on this new version of the 1/6 Wolf Predator model kit is incredible and features astonishingly intricate details all around. The head sculpt (below) is amazingly life-like and this time around, has interchangeable mandibles which improves the over-all look of the figure. Every piece of the body armor and all the accessories that make up the figure spare no expense at replicating the look of the monster as seen in the film.

As with the previously released Wolf Predator, this version of the hunter seems to have a skinnier body in comparison to previous Predator model kits but he also wears a lot less armor which contributes to his overall lighter look.

The paint application on this piece is held up to very high standards and greatly contributes to the realism of the piece. The scarred facial features (above) and numerous accessories of the figure are painted with the same accuracy and detail as that of pre-production prototype sample which is a very rare thing these days.

Another major highlight of this amazingly crafted model kit is the generous amount of articulation it has but unfortunately some poses don't hold up. The figure can still be posed in several dynamic positions thanks to its wide range of movable joints:
- Neck (ball socket)
- Shoulder (ball socket)
- Waist (swivel)
- Abdomen (ball socket)
- Elbows (swivel)
- Knees (swivel)
- Ankles (ball socket)
- Inner thighs (ball socket)

While it seems that the figure has a lot of articulation, I wish Hot Toys would create a newer body type that would allow for a wider range of positions that the figure could be displayed in like poseable fingers and toes which would allow for better overall balance of the figure. I like to pose my figures arching their back or hunching over which would look really awesome with this figure but unfortunately the joints on the kit's body do not permit that range of motion to be possible.

Without a doubt, one of the things that impresses me most about this model kit is the variety of exclusive new film-accurate accessories included.

Unfortunately this version of the Wolf Predator does not include the poseable alien tail whip accessory the first release did, but it does include the following:
- Rolled-up whip
- Articulated back-mounted plasma cannon
- Extendable Combi Spear
- Closed shuriken
- Wrist computer
- Neck wrap
- Skull necklace
- Bandoleer
- Wrist blade with extendable blades
- Corrosive liquid container

And, as a special bonus exclusive to this figure, it includes:
- Removable battle-damaged bio-helmet
- Hand-held plasma cannon pistol
- Medical kit with Syringe and ampules
- Cleaner case
- Interchangeable open and closed mandibles
- Alien corpse display base (below)

Putting this figure together is the best part of the collectible. For the most part, assembling the kit is fairly easy but some specific pieces like the head and crotch piece can be boiled to soften them prior to connecting them to the figure. Since the main body is made of a hard plastic, softening other body parts and accessories by boiling them in water will make them slide easily into place on the hard plastic parts.

The netting bodysuit is very fragile and caution should be used when sliding it over the jagged surfaces of the body to avoid snags or tears on it. It took me a little over an hour to assemble this piece but I enjoyed every minute of it and the end results is a true work of art.

Overall Impression
I own several other Hot Toys Predator model kits and was getting a little tired of the multi-colored/reflective oversized packaging. It seems Hot Toys read my mind as the new innovative and scaled-down package design on "The Cleaner" model kit is definitely going to help keep these amazing collectibles attractive to MIB collectors and (hopefully) at a lower price by reducing shipping and import costs.

The addition of the interchangeable mandibles, hand-held cannon and alien corpse display base makes this version of the AvP:R Wolf Predator much better than the previous version. While this model kit is nothing short of impressive, it may not fit into everyone's budget. With its $150.00 suggested retail price point and many going for higher on eBay, it's still a great piece and I would definitely recommend working some overtime hours at your job to get one!

Check out more photos of this impressive piece HERE!

Review by Jorge Pelaez
Photos by Jess C. Horsley

Huge Predator Mark
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hurgh! i had myself convinced i did not want this. i own 5 ht predators, with the lost hunter on preorder. the seemingly oversized feet, plastic loin cloth, multiple exposed joints (not covered with armor), and molded on armor kept me away. if i order it now, i'll probably have it by the middle of next week. this excellent review (esp. pictures) may be the straw that broke the camel's back. or budget. ...if i were a camel.

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I have the original that came with the articulated whip, and it's a nice figure. Like the review author stated, he does look a bit skinny next to the other AVP predators and my Predator 2, but the detail is really nice, and this one has some really cool accessories. If you don't have the original and are a predator fan, I say buy it.

Nice review and excellent pictures crowinghorse!

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Thanks for the review, he realy is an outstanding figure. deffinetly in my top 5 of the year so far (but with Dallas, bank robber Joker, the new Lost Hunter Predator and Machiko around the corner... that may change!

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It is true!! Pictures do not do this figure justice. It’s an amazing work of art. Only minor complaint is that the ankle articulation could be much better.

Best out of the box figure I’ve gotten all year along w/ Briareos. But to Wookster’s point…more awesome figures are inbound! HT you’re killn’ me (and my wallet)!

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Quick and interesting fix for the W.Predator ankles... I took the feet from the McFarland "Scar" Predator from the original AVP and modded them, extending the ankle joint up about an 8th of an inch (crouching pose now available!) and best of all, it matches the overall color scheme MUCH better as well as detail (I never liked the foot molds for the original AVP Preds... but then I don't think I'm alone) added bonus, pre-drilled holes in the bottoms of them for pegs!

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Pretty nice,

It's a shame they made a balls of the movie, then made a great figure. It's sadly the other way round for 'the' Predator (ie from the original movie) , great movie, balls of a figure. The mandibles work really well on this one, yet don't on the Predator.

I have, I will admit, only seen one Predator so far, maybe the others are better, but I won't know till I see one.

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