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Among the many things I like about Hot Toys, what always impresses me the most about them is their ability to deliver a final product that is just about identical to the images posted in their initial product launch announcements. They show quality photos in their product announcements to generate interest and demand, and follow that up with a final product that actually lives up to the initial hype.

That commitment to consistency and quality creates a sense of confidence especially when purchasing their products sight unseen, as what happens much in online retail. That commitment also kind of makes photo reviews of the delivered product a bit redundant perhaps, because the photos of the products on the website and in their initial announcements look exactly the same as the photos most reviewers will take, except with maybe more varied and detailed images. Below are the photos I took of one of their latest releases, the Hot Toys USAF Airman Security Force Iraq.

[click on the pics to zoom in]

I have to say Hot Toys has managed to gather a great team of sculptors to work with them on these projects, and it shows. The integrity of the sculpt seems to have held up well through the production process as well. The paint application is very clean and compliments the crisp head sculpt.

Full Body Shots (with and w/o IOTV)
Body underneath is Hot Toys new True Type body. The body is slim enough so that the ABU drapes well over the figure. Kudos for coming out of the gate first with the ABU. The ABU camo however could benefit from a tighter pattern, but it's the best one on the market so far... mainly because it the only one in the 1:6 market so far. Boot/feet ("beet") come with this one, along with a pair of bare feet. It would be interesting to see them try some boot/feet with different poses other than the typical "L" shape.

Detail pics of the IOTV and helmet
Great detail and construction on the Improved Outer Tactical Vest. Slots of side SAPI are even there. Not sure if the AN/PRC-126 Radio radio belongs there in the left side wing assembly. The pics of the vest opened show how much detail was put into it. Last couple shots in this group are the MICH and the patrol cap, both in ACU pattern camo.

Weapons and accessories
Shown below are a Shotgun w/ Reflex Sight, Shotshell Carrier, and Buttstock Magazine Pouch, M4A1 R.I.S, XM26 LSS (new for Hot Toys), and other accessories such as the bare feet, SAPI, Tan Goggles, Oakley shades, and wrist watch. I had a bit of trouble keeping the XM26 magazine in place, but it was nothing a bit of sticky-tack couldn't fix.

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More closeups without IOTV
Combat knife gets a sheath which could be mounted onto the ballistic belt. Double mag pouch and SF armband are shown in the 2nd pic.

Closeups fully geared up
The new style handcuffs (red, mounted via tan Grimlok carabiner) are a nice addition. 2 M9s are provided, one in a thigh rig, and the other on the chest mounted on an adapter platform. Tactical folder and muti-tool fit nicely in the dual slot utility pouch.


+ Uniform
- Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) **
- Improved Outer Tactical Vest (ACU) **
- Patrol Cap (ABU) **
- Armband **
- Ballistic Belt (ACU) **
- Duty Belt

+ Accessories
- MICH Helmet w/ Cover
- Light **
- Assault Gloves
- Utility Pouches **
- M4 Double Magazine Pouch
- M4 Triple Magazine Pouch
- Canteen w/ Pouch
- Buttstock Magazine Pouch **
- Shotshell Carrier **
- AN/PRC-126 Radio
- Tactical Boots
- Handcuff **
- Sunglasses
- Goggles
- Watches
- Ballistic Hard Plates
- Folding Knife
- Multi-tool
- Scissors
- Carbiner **
- Ball-Point Pen
- Patches

+ Weapons
- Shotgun w/ Reflex Sight **
- M4A1 R.I.S
- XM26 LSS **
- Combat Knife **
- M9 w/ adapter platform
- M9 w/ tactical holster platform
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