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- review by Jess C. Horsley
- photos by Luka Zou

DC's The Joker is an iconic character, not only in comics, but in film and TV as well. Originally played by Cesar Romero in the 1960s Batman live-action TV show and later voice acted by Mark Hamill in the 1990s Batman cartoon and played to critic-acclaim by Heath Ledger in 2008's The Dark Knight; some would agree the most iconic Joker to ever grace the screen is none other than Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton's 1989 masterpiece Batman.

Reintroducing moviegoers to the Caped Crusader, the 1989 film retold Batman's origin story with Jack Nicholson as Jack Napier, the man who would become the Joker following a tragic chemical accident. Blaming Batman for the mutilation, Napier quickly rose to power and became a crime lord in Gotham... that is, until Batman finally faced the villain. Having previously released a Joker Deluxe figure from the 1989 Batman film, Hot Toys here has once again captured the Clown Prince of Crime from the 1989 film with the new Hot Toys DX14 "Mime Version" Joker.


As with previous Deluxe releases from Hot Toys, the Joker "Mime Version" figure includes a gorgeous black and white colored package with what is essentially a close up of a number of design elements from the character's costume: the white lapel flower, the black tuxedo jacket, the polka dot neck tie, the plaid pants - each of these pulls together here beautifully to make for what is one of the most visually impressive package designs from Hot Toys in recent memory. For those collectors and fans who display their packaging, this is one to keep and enjoy.

Inside the package, the figure and the individual accessories are securely stored in a die-cut foam insert as well as a form-fitted plastic tray. This ensures each and every part remain safe until it's time to display them.


Identical to the previous Hot Toys DX 1989 Batman: Joker figure, this updated "Mime Version" looks just as impressive. As with many of Hot Toys' finest figures, the "Mime Version" Joker features a head sculpt by Yulli, who brings to life Nicolson's personification of the fan-favorite comic villain straight from Burton's live-action movie.

From the skin texturing and wrinkled forehead to the upturned eyebrows and sinister grin, Yulli's head sculpt brings to life the Joker's unforgettable look perfectly. Likewise, the Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) provides collectors different display options, allowing the figure to be posed looking either right, left, up or down.

Of course, the figure's outfit -designed by Hai Lim and based on the scene in which Napier appears as "Uncle Bingo" in the film- perfectly captures the look of the character on-screen.

The outfit includes a full 6-piece suit, including a black tailcoat, a white shirt, a white vest with black polka dot pattern, a black tie with white polka dot pattern, a pair of black and white plaid pants with suspenders, and a pair of white spats shoes. Like other Hot Toys DX figures, the "Mime Version" Joker figure impresses, the tailoring spot on - pun intended.


Featuring a Tru-Type body with over 30 points of articulation, the Joker can be posed in nearly any pose seen in the Batman film. As the Joker is less a dynamic, action character and more a static character, the tailored suit shouldn't impose on the collector repositioning or posing the figure. In fact, there are no issues her as the solid construction and tight joints on the Tru-Type body make for the perfect base for Joker.


With head design and painting by JC Hong, the Joker's head sculpt by Yulli looks even more impressive. Screen accurate - from the green hair and blood red lips to the snow white face paint - the painting here is impeccable.


The "Mime Version" Joker figure includes a good amount of unique accessories like 6 interchangeable hands, a black tall hat, 3 feathers and a figure base with backdrop. The interchangeable hands include a pair of open hands, a pair of relaxed hands, a feather holding right hand and a pointing right hand.


With a retail price of $230.00, the Hot Toys DX14 "Mime Version" Joker is aimed mostly at die-hard Joker and Batman fans, though some casual fans of the 1989 film may want to own a unique version of the The Ace of Knaves.
Considering the impressive tailored clothing, the beautiful head sculpt with PERS system, the various accessories, and the base with backdrop, Hot Toys DX14 "Mime Version" Joker makes for a solid investment and an awesome addition to any die-hard fan's collection and display.

The Hot Toys DX14 "Mime Version" Joker figure is available now wherever fine action figures and collectibles are sold.

- review by Jess C. Horsley
- photos by Luka Zou
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