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REVIEW: Hot Toys DX13 Terminator 2 Battle Damaged T-800

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- review by Jess C. Horsley
- photos by Luka Zou

Hot Toys continues to impress sci-fi fans with their new and improved 1/6th scale figures based on the decades-old Terminator property. In late 2012, they released the DX10 Terminator 2 T-800, featuring the what was - until that time - the most impressive 1/6th scale Terminator figure made. Complete with an impressive new 12" body, an accurate Arnold Schwarzenegger head sculpt, and a variety of weapons - including the fan-favorite Gatling gun with bandoleer and bag.

Now, Hot Toys has upped the ante yet again with the recently released DX13 Terminator 2 Battle Damaged T-800 featuring not only the same impressive body but a body with unique a battle-damaged head sculpt, arm and leg, a battle-damaged outfit, a plethora of new accessories and weapons (including a grenade launcher, machine gun and more, and a unique new T-1000 statue that's sure to impress fans and collectors.


Like other DX figures, Hot Toys' DX13 comes in an attractive and impressively designed package with a T2 embossed faux leather front complete with bullet holes, an interior featuring a die-cut foam pack which holds the figure and accessories secure and a form-fitting plastic tray which houses the weapons, and T-1000 statue.


Like the DX10, this latest T2 DX figure features an impressive head sculpted by Yulli, this time with help from K.A. Kim. With two heads, the The head, with art direction by Kojun, compliments the figure with the battle damaged look made popular by the film. The glowing red eye (above) really brings to life the overall feel of the film and captures the character's appearance in the final scenes of the film. Likewise, the multiple battle-damaged parts, including the severed left arm and the exposed left knee (below), sculpted by T.J. Cha, bring to life in action figure form the figure's look from the conclusion of the film.

The outfit on the DX13 includes the familiar biker get-up made famous in the film and originally included with the DX10 figure. Here, Hai Lim advises on the costume, ensuring it's as screen accurate as possible. The outfit is battle damaged to best reflect later scenes in the film thus the figure here includes two black, battle-damaged leather-like jackets (one without a left sleeve to showcase the severed arm), a pair of black battle-damaged leather-like pants with belt (missing the left knee to showcase the battle damaged joint), two battle-damaged grey t-shirts (one missing the chest to showcase the exposed sternum and chest) and a pair of black biker boots (below).

Screen-accurate and impressive down to the minor detailing - including individual bullet holes in the jacket and the exposed chest and sternum in the grey shirt - the outfit accurately captures the look of the character from the film's memorable final fight scenes in which the T-800 faces off against the T-1000.


As with other DX figures, this one only impresses. Thanks to the talented JC. Hong, the colors look perfect; the bloody, battle damaged portions of the body come to life with a visceral feel accurately capturing the on-screen look of the character. The Arnold head sculpts feature awesome wounds which enhance the overall look of the character as they bring a focal point for collectors to see while the battle-damaged chest, arm and knee - each expertly painted - feature additional points to gaze upon with wonder.


Based on the same Advanced Muscular Hot Toys 12" body as the DX10, this figure features an impressive amount of articulation. The Advanced Muscular Body isn't made to be posed like the regular Tru-Type figure included with many MMS figures. Instead, its focus is capturing the full scale and size of a larger character like the T-800. As such, articulation on the muscle body is somewhat restricted due to sculpted muscles and body design. Here, the look of the figure here is more important than allowing the figure's articulation to replicate the full movements of the human body and rightfully so. That said, articulation is still plentiful and provides for all of the character's joints to move well and thus collectors can no doubt find a pose they'll be happy with displaying their T-800.


Including a number of unique weapons as well as the hand sculpts to hold them all, the DX13 includes eight interchangeable battle-damaged gloved hands, including a pair for gun holding, a pair of fists, a pair of relaxed hands, a right hand for holding the rod and a right "Thumbs Up" hand. Weapons for these hands to hold include a grenade launcher with broken handle, a grenade bandoleer with 12 grenades, a machine gun, a pistol, the previously mentioned rod (as seen at the end of the film), a deluxe light-up figure display stand with T-800 nameplate and a very cool and unique 1/6th scale T-1000 statue of the character in liquid metal form (as seen in the final battle scene). As an added bonus, the Special Edition DX13 includes a unique liquid metal head sculpt (below).


With a retail cost of $315, this Deluxe Hot Toys figure will appeal to the hardcore fans of Terminator 2 collectibles and dedicated Hot Toys collectors who want only the finest 1/6th scale figures on their shelf. While the price is high, so too is the quality of this figure. Hot Toys has done an outstanding job both past and present in bringing to life these DX figures and making for 1/6th collectors the paragon of movie cinema collectibles.

Featuring one of the most impressive sculpts, a super detailed outfit, a variety of weapons and accessories and the T-1000 statue, the Hot Toys DX13 Terminator 2 Battle Damaged T-800 is one of the most impressive Terminator collectibles around and a must-have for die-hard Terminator collectors and fans. If you're looking for a beautiful 1/6th scale figure of the T-800, look no further. While the DX10 may feature the Gatling Gun (seen above, NOT included with this figure), simply purchasing one on the secondary market and complimenting this battle damaged version seems to me the best option for having the most impressive T-800 display around.

The Hot Toys DX13 Terminator 2 Battle Damaged T-800 figure is available now wherever fine figures are sold.

Be sure to check out the PHOTO GALLERY for 25 photos of this impressive figure.

- review by Jess C. Horsley
- photos by Luka Zou
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"While the DX10 may feature the Gatling Gun (seen above, NOT included with this figure), simply purchasing one on the secondary market and complimenting this battle damaged version seems to me the best option for having the most impressive T-800 display around."
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