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Save your money, guys. It is not worth the $36, twenty, maybe. If you can land the MGS4 Old Snake set this is based on, buy it instead.

I just received mine in the mail today. It looks decent, but it is going to require some work. After taking a lighter to all the loose threads I am going to have either replace the velcro or glue it down. None of it holds, except on the holster.

Molle Recon Vest

Me trying to make the velcro stick

The material they used is good, the typical canvas you find other mfg's using. The vest itself is big enough to fit on a G3.5 body with body armor.

The M4 mag pouches are small, its a real snug fit for 2 mags. Which reminds me, they only give you 2 M4 mags so you'll need to get some more.The med & pistol mag pouches are standard fare, similar to what you get with TS, SS, BS, & ACE. The admin pouch is good except I wished they had used something besides silver eyelets.

The holster is kind of funky. It is molle which is cool, but it has 3 velcro straps holding it together. When the straps are loose the holster opens from the side. I am curious to know if this is actually based on a 1:1 holster.


Holster open

The pistol was a total disappointment. No moving/working parts, the magazine does not release, the light will have to be glued if you want it to stay on, and I will have to bore the barrel to get the suppressor to fit. The pistol mags that come with the set are as thick as the handle on the M1911. You only get 2 of those as well, so you'll have to come up with 3 more. The harnesses, who cares, are OK. The knife is the same knock off of the BBi Joe Brennan they have been selling for a year.


Unremovable Mag

On the other hand the carabiners are nice. Just as good as the one that came with the ACE Seal Team 10 figure. I was shocked to find that they were not made of that brittle plastic Dr. Figures normally uses.

The patch in Japanese writing is a total joke. It reminds me of those transfer tattoos I used to get out of the gum ball machines when I was a kid. It is literally made out of a waxy paper. Oh well, I wasn't going to use it anyway.

The cigarette pack is just a flimsy cardboard cut out, but it does have little cigarettes in it.


After some work this set will be decent. Most of the gear is usable, but some of it you'll want to chuck. If you don't mind putting in some extra work, and the price isn't an issue, this set is for you. Me, I wish I had waited for some other schmuck to buy and review it.


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Not that I waited for someone else to buy it,but I was waiting got the tan set.Glad I did.

Thanks for the partial review,and sorry for the wasted funds.

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I guess I've had my shares of "should've waited for some schmuck to buy and review it first", especially during my early days in this hobby.

Thanks for the review cree82, surely this will help others to decide whether to avoid it or jump right on and buy it anyway.

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Thanks for the review, i m sure you saved a lot of the guys here but sorry you have to take the plunge instead..
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