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Review: Dr. Figure Seal in Baghdad

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The figure:
The body is a BBI 3.5 rip-off, so no surprises here. I believe they used a different body for their Heat figures.

The headsculpt is the Brad Pitt from the Seven figure. Decent mold, sub-par paint apps. The go-tee looks alright, but mine had splotches all over.

The outfit:
The shirt is the black CIA shirt that has been available as a stand alone before. Snug fitting in the cuffs with reinforced elbows, it's not bad. The pants have velcro cargo pockets and usable front and back pockets. The material is to thin and of TUS quality. Average.
The boots are a knock-off of the Hot Toys boots that came with the Contractor. These are the same with nut as good paint. There are also a pair of socks.

The long white shirt is pretty good, but not as good the Hot Toys version. At the least it could have been a better color than white, but that does allow it to be dyed. It has to waist level pockets and a button on the neck.

The vest is really nice, except for the velcro closure. It is a nice change from the usual photo vest. The shemagh is a triangle, not a full square. It is a nice print, but too stiff. It does have a nicefringed edge that is sewn off so as not to unravel.

The chest rig is average. Velcro here as well, with phoney glued on buttons (not all straight on mine) and metal fasteners.

The camera bag is pretty nice. Working zippers, side pocket, shoulder strap, there is even a piece that velcros the carry handles together.

The hip pack is average, with a working zipper. The knee pad is ho-hum, with nothing covering the back of the velcro strap.

The cameras are real nice. They are both Nikon digitals, one with the lens glued on, the other with two interchangable lenses and a flash.

The laptop is pretty good. It resembles a Panasonic toughbook and has two different screens. There is also a map of Baghdad.

The other small accesories are really nice as well. The Oakley gloves and the sunglasses are previous releases and are excellent. There is a Pda, walkie talkie, voice recorder, lighter and a pack of smokes. These are all pretty detailed for such small molds.

The AK is sub par. I think it is based on the TUS model. The clips are horrible. They are rubbery and don't fit the well right. The .45 is one piece (I think the clip is supposed to come out, but I couldn't get it out) and lacking detail. The serpa holster and the knife are previous releases and are excellent (except for attaching the serpa to a vest ).

Overall this is an ok set. It is better if you don't have the stuff that DR Figure has released before. If you are going to get it go to Store rooms as they have it for $20 less than else where.
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Any places parting this set out? I just want the cool bits from it.
Ha ha hes got a crakberry, nice detailed review.
i like that crappy quality ak47. i need one like that in a bash, but hate to disassemble complete and working TUS ones, which are somewhat hard to find these days.
I was going to buy it but now i pass.
Thanks for the review. I did a review on the two Ltd Heat figures, and the bodies in those are different. Still on the fence on this one. I have some of the pieces loose, and like them, but the whole package still seems a bit pricey for the quality.

s-ramos - Storerooms has most of those pieces loose, and a few other places have the knife and pistol with the Serpa holster (Viking Playground, GSTG, Blackopstoys on ebay)
Oh i know Storerooms had all the tech stuff. I was just hoping everything would be cheaper. The voice recorder is like $10......
Thanks for the review. Looks like a good purchase for parts.

great review like those cigaret packs and all those parts to great work
Nice work. This will definitely help me making up my mind...

Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for the review:thumb, hope they sell the cool small bits loose somewhere.
Some of these bits are on ebay at storerooms, if anyone is interested.
Thanks for the review! Lots of use for loose stuff.
Thanks for the review Grunt1162, recently picked this up too and took some photos here.

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Thanks for the review!
Got mine from store-rooms this morning, along with the microfire SOPMOD M14.
Both pieces are great, and I see this fig as a kind of "Greatest Hits" Set, when it comes to the accessories. If you're on the fence about getting some of the excellent Dr. Figures parts, I'd say go for the Seal in Baghdad set!
Let me know if you'd like some impressions on the M14, or the Seal set.
... Now can someone show me how to fold this damn shemagh? :rolling
Here's 1:1 instructions. Just play with it till you get it right. I duggest wetting the shemagh first so it lays better when done.

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Thanks, that diagram was helpful. I think i've just about got it looking like that.
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