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BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM is the latest entry in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies.

The Blu-ray/DVD release is scheduled for August 12, 2014.

I had viewed the digital release recently.

The storyline in based on the universe of BATMAN: ARKHAM video game franchise and is a direct sequel to BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS.

The animation style is very dark and grim in mood, presentation, and style, but well suited given the subject and theme. Of the all the previous DC universe animated films, this one purposely has an anti-hero plot given primary cast of characters within the story. Even though BATMAN is normally the main protagonist within the film, he is overshadowed by the other antagonists/protagonists within the film.

I don’t wish to disclose the full plot for obvious reasons, but I will say if you have thoroughly enjoyed prior DC universe animated film releases over the years featuring BATMAN, then this latest addition is well worth adding to your collection.

Certain aspects of the musical score within BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM evokes elements from Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN/THE DARK KNIGHT trilogy. Kevin Conroy is back in superb form voicing BATMAN. He has been sorely missed in some previous animated releases from voicing his signature character.

Neal McDonough surprisingly provided a welcome portrayal of anti-hero/villain Deadshot. He previously voiced Green Arrow in a prior DC universe animated short which done well. I enjoyed McDonough’s voice acting on the character.

On par with the majority of past DC universe animated films, the voice acting overall within this latest release is excellent with noteworthy performances by Kevin Conroy and Neal McDonough.

The level of language, sex (brief), and violence borders on the very extreme of a PG-13 rating given the characters and storyline involved and may actually surprise some to an extent.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this latest release more so than some of the previous releases as of late.

If you read all this, thank you and I hope you’ll view it and enjoy it as I did.

From Avalon.
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Nice review mate. I finally got to watch it last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it as well.
And really have to agree that it was nice to hear Kevin Conroy back in the role of Batman.
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