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Review a.c.e SFOD - DELTA Part III

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The chest rig of it as know as the " TAS- CSA IV " - TAS Chest System

Assaulter IV, "IV" means 4 pouches for store the rifles magazines. Back

Pack, BPS - Back pocket System.
According to the introduction by the TAS, during the "Operation

Enduring Freedom", the ODA Team member are scare in the gears

supplying, so some of the team member are place an custom order to the

gears manufacturer for themselves, this chest system is

produced as the ODA's member's requirement.
The TAS didn't let us know what unit using this chest system, but I

guess, it may using by the STS/ CCT members ,because I view there are

few strobe pouches built - in on it.
OK, Let's see my review of this Chest system as the followings

pictures. Here we go!

The details of the Chest system- there are 4 built in magazines pouches

on the front, each pouch can store 3 pieces 5.56 mm magazine and

stitched elastic on pouches for storing the shotgun shells, and there is

a " MAP/document " pocket behind the 4 magazines pouches.

The utility pouch stitched on left hand side, the size is similar to 200

Rd, and there are 4 strobe pouches and 1 pistol magazine pouch on the

surface of the utility pouch, that's what I guess, it may using by the

STS member of the ODA team,


On Right hand side, it also stitched on an utility pouch, there are 4

pistol magazine pouches and elastic for shot gun shell, behind the

utility pouch, we can see there is a radio pouch.

Back pocket system, you can insert a bladder to it, and there are 4 stun

grenade pouches and 2 medic
Pouches built in to back pocket system.

Picture of "TAS CSA IV", it is a real stuff.

Mich TC 2000 helmet, you can stick the foam pads to the helmet, you can

decide the quantity of the pads Depends on the size of the headsculpt. I

found a fantastic effect after I put on the helmet to the headsculpt.
The suspended straps can cover the joint gap between the head and neck.

I feel the figure become more realistic after I complete this step.


The product contains a pair of the gloved hands. You can pull out the

hinge from the skin hands easily, and convert it to the gloved hands

without any difficult. This design is allowing a wide angle of the

movement for user using either gloved hand or skin hands.
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