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A lot of you guys remember last year of me returning to this old build.

Around Late November. I was looking at the work I did, with the pants of the original build. All in all, I REALLY hated the look of the pants I originally did.

So I decided to remake the pants. So this plan was made for the FIRST NEW YEARS build process! Why not make new pants for the Cobra Officer figure, and than.

I got to it!

Wood Sleeve Flooring Floor Beige

So cut up some patterns with the Tan Fabric I have and started sewing. Look at all of that Irish Pendants hang off the pants. It got messy! BUT what do you expect with sewing projects. :D

Got the pants all sewn up and what we got. Is some REALLY nice Desert Tan pants.

Toy Gesture Computer keyboard Thigh Trunk

Blue Input device Gesture Finger Computer keyboard

Joint Knee Thigh Waist Finger

As you guys will notice! Some nicely tighten up 1.4 stitch count. Just looks the part!!!

So the here's the Officer wearing his NEWLY made pants and next to him is the old 2.0 stitch count pants.

Military uniform Toy Art Military person Flooring

Standing Art Gas Personal protective equipment Fashion design

So next piece of the build will be his Harness, Pouches, and holster. Still haven't figured <No pund attended there> of what to make! I remember see the SideShow gear and I remembered HOW bad that gear feel apart. Also!! What weapons I should use on him.... Right now! I'm saving up money for a 3d Risen Printer, so I was thinking. A Zenitco AK build for the Officer and maybe a old TT-33 Tokerov? Or a Russian SMG pistol for his secondary!

Anyways! Happy New Year all! Stay Safe and keep on building!
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