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This is just a repost of a very old thread. I thought the photos are lost forever with Photobucket, fortunately I found a few in my old files. I have not posted any kitbash in many years, I just want to have a bit of fun.

Camouflage Military camouflage Military uniform Military person Cargo pants

This figure represents a Soviet Red Army tank crewman during the Battle of Khalkin Gol fought on May-September 1939 between the Soviet and Imperial Japanese armies.

Although this battle still remained lesser known to many, its results have a great effect on major historical events that followed its conclusion. The battle also saw the rise of a then unknown corps commander (and future Marshall)
Georgy Zhukov who masterminded the counterstrike which turned the tide for the Soviets and crushed the Japanese offensive.

Also known as the 'Nomonhan Incident', the battle cost Soviet forces a combined 27,000+ casualties, while the Japanese Army suffered 19,700+ casualties. Soviet armored force suffered 1,500+ killed, wounded and missing.

The great number of casualties reflected Soviet and Japanese attitude towards spending human lives to attain an objective at all cost.

Helmet Arm Military uniform Camouflage Military person
Face Camouflage Military uniform Military person Sleeve
Head Outerwear Helmet Glove Camouflage
Shoe Military camouflage Military person Military uniform Soldier
Military camouflage Military person Military uniform Marines Soldier

This figure wears the early pattern collar tabs for armored troops (scratchbuilt), and the early leather crash helmet (made by Hasbro GI Joe), weathered. His submachine gun is the PPD-38 made by 21st Century Ultimate Soldier.

The Japanese 'trophy' tanker helmet is also custom-built...

Thanks for looking.
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