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There's been a bit of friction aboard of late, concerning some replies to posted figures.

At this time, I'd ask the various parties to take a couple of steps back, and engage relaxation mode.

There's various schools of thought regarding comments, and it 'll serve everyone well to read carefully all posts and replies in a thread before adding their own. Misreads and wrong impressions lead to more dustups than just about anything else here.

If you believe that it's all about having fun, and criticism isn't necessary, keep in mind that if a guy posts a figure and asks for comments and critiques, then those are valid. If they make your teeth hurt, well think of it as the hard cost of a brutal hobby. Just don't beat up on anyone for supplying requested info or criticisms, or because they wear funny shoes.

If you are an expert of sorts and/or a mad dog enthusiast, reign it in enough to recognise which members and threads your contributions will work in. That takes some time to figure out, and a PM intel drop may at times be preferable to an open post, if you are in unsure territory. It tends to work out.

If you are part of the greater body that just wants to see posted stuff, and have requested utter annihilation of the warring parties, thank you for your patience and long-suffering participation, and well, mass extinction events.

Best for all to recognise this hobby consists of members who have pretty set feelings on the above, and while you may not agree with each other, consideration and civility are required of all (and yeah that means staff too).

Take away the fun and face it, this hobby would go away, except for small groups of fanatics in desolate wastes. That fun has a number of components, and a degree of authenticity is one of them. We have some very knowledgeable people here, and some very creative people as well. Some mix both. Wherever you find yourself in this spectrum, a bit of respect for the others, as you would have them respect you.

Because it's the right thing to do....

...and because that way I don't have to convert mandoll-time into stating-the-obvious-time.

Also because I ran a count and we've maxed out on reasonability requests, and the next time this place will become the My Little Pony Forum.

God Bless America
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Do what the Pukingdog says, and no one looks stupid.

And really, do you NEED to be told to read what's in a thread before replying to it?
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