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I'm pretty sure I can't post this on the regular thread so I'll post this here. One of my earliest figures - actually this was a 'recycling' of a doll of some sort that I'd pressed into service as a civilian - was a figure that I've affectionately come to call 'refugee girl'. She's meant to be generally representative of a young (teenage, possibly a bit younger or a bit older) woman that is one of the innumerable and nameless victims of war. Her dress is deliberately meant to be nondescript so she can fit in either as a Russian, German, Jewish, French, etc. refugee, likewise her dark brown hair lets her fit into various ethnicities. Early on I was struck by her face - it was a really, really pretty face, a face that called the viewer to sympathize with her plight. So I kept her and recently as I've been fixing up as many figures as I can before I clean up the house and get ready to move to Florida with the wife, I came upon little Refugee Girl and gave her a makeover.

Though this wasn't necessarily all to her advantage. For one thing, I added wire joints to her which were covered in ShoeGoo and fabric softener so that she has very limited capacity to bend her arms and knees expressively or stand in anything but the stock still pose she had before. Since this meant disfiguring her arms and legs I decided to go all out and really make her body look like it had been through the worst that war and disaster had fated her to go through.

A close up of her face - I used some superglue to give her eyes and lips a reflective 'wet' look and to add two streams of tears down her face.

I made the shirt following a general 'peasant shirt' look but the weird thing was I made it to ruin it - sewed up the sleeve then tore it off, added runs in the fabric, made the left sleeve fall down so her left arm would show.

It did occur to me that in a way, she's something almost like one of these zombie figures that seem to be proliferating nowadays. I'm not at all crazy about the whole 'undead' craze but I thought it would be an interesting exercise in figure modelling to make a 'pretty' (almost) 'zombie' figure.

At least she's prettier than...

[/URL]"By order of der Fuhrer... draw me like one of your French girls."
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