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Realistic Diorama Grass

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In a christmas shop about two months ago i found bags of grass (ha), well actually fake moss which the manager told me is sold widespread around christmas to decorate nativity cribs.
As usual, with one sixth on the mind, i bought two bags of the stuff to use it for some kind of grass/moss or foliage, and i finally put it into action yesterday.
I made a base of clay and painted on brown acrylics mixed with pva glue while it was still soft, and shed some earthy pastels all over the mixture so it would creative a realistic soil colour/texture for beneath the grass, before compressing tufts of the moss on and pushing it down till it was very solid and compact. i used a ruler to tuck it in at the sides, and when it dried i let the excess fall off.

Here is the result anyway, i'm really proud of it

whats wonderful about it is that due to the soft/rubbery texture of both the clay and paint/glue mix beneath the grass, and the grass itself, objects sink nicely into the grass and it looks really neat, for example

One more photo so you get the drift. it makes great rather messy grass, not from a garden or such things. unkempt and a bit muddy looking

thanks for your time
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I picked up the same type of moss a few weeks ago at Michaels here in the states. I haven't put it to use yet.
Looks good.
Very nice!. That looks great. Time to find a craft store.
I'm pretty sure you can get similar stuff in warhammer shops too, but probably for much more expensive
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