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Hello folks,

I've just returned from a re-enactment event here in Holland. The 2 day event was called 'The Island' and focussed on the period shortly after the failure of operation Market Ggarden. There was a complete historical campsite with American, British and German troops, several mock battles and more. A perfect upportunity for my group of fellow model builders and collectors to setup a large display with many static vehicles and RC Armortek tanks.

This was also the perfect venue to setup a display with the complete HGB bridge (20 feet/6 meters) I bought back in 2014. Offcourse the HGB bridge is a post-war successor of the famous Bailey Bridge so it's not complete 'period correct' but 99,9% of the visitors do not posess that level of knowledge...

We received a lot of attention and compliments so it was a good day promoting our hobby. And the weather was also very nice!

I hope you enjoy the pictures!
Sky Plant community Vehicle Grass Plant
Self-propelled artillery Tank Sky Cloud Combat vehicle
Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Naval architecture Combat vehicle
Wheel Sky Self-propelled artillery Cloud Tire
Wheel Sky Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle
Cloud Sky Self-propelled artillery Motor vehicle Automotive tire
Sky Automotive tire Wood Asphalt Tire
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle Asphalt Automotive exterior
Motor vehicle World Automotive design Automotive tire City
Self-propelled artillery Tank Vehicle Combat vehicle Sky
Cargo pants Military camouflage Sky Squad Military uniform
Tire Wheel Self-propelled artillery Tank Sky
Wheel Self-propelled artillery Tank Tire Combat vehicle
Military camouflage Camouflage Military uniform Military person Marines
Sky Cloud Motor vehicle Working animal Fence
Plant Sky World Blue Azure
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