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Well, here it is redone after smashing my first version over frustration with the Soldiers
Story SAW (Ironically, I went with the same model on this one). Just never really liked my initial
effort at this one,
so I selected some new gear and a new body/sculpt. Setup is as follows:

Body/Sculpt- DiD (I hate the eyes on this sculpt so the sunglasses are a must)
SAW/Spare Barrel- Soldiers Story
Vest- Saturday Toys
Pouches/Loose Gear- Mostly Soldiers Story
Boots- Toyriffic (I Love these boots)
MARPAT- DML Carded Set (Really had to work hard to stretch and glue the helmet cover)
Hope you enjoy, I am really happy with the update.

1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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