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Maybe I should revisit some other genres like SW for example that I used to have so much fun with a little more, but anyway more Joes for you I'm afraid. :)

Anyway, even though Frostbite is the primary operator of Snow Cat, I always consider Snow Job and Iceberg part of the gang. They are like inseparable brothers in arms.

Just when I thought I was ready take them out for some outdoor snow shots, thermometer shot up like nobody. :grrr

Refs from Hisstank btw...

Someday I will definitely try to get them a Snow Cat so that they won't have to travel in skis. Speaking of ski, they are fully equipped so they don't have to walk on the snow. :p

The snowsuit is from DML Ryan. Retailored and added fur trimmings. Trimming are made from unused Cathay Pacific compression socks material. I also made a pair of new boot sleeves for Snow Job using the same material. HS used to be Sam Fisher version one nearly a decade ago, then became Clay of The Losers comic. Now he's Frostbite. Beard is from leftover doll hair. Glued and trimmed.


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Your post sounded almost apologetic. Why?

These are some of the best figures I've seen in years. Seriously.

You've created a cohesive group of Joes who should have always been imagined as a functioning unit in the first place. There's no shame in out-imagining Hasbro.

The work done on the figures is excellent (i.e. don't get no better).

For a minute, you released my inner child and for that I'm most grateful.

Isn't that what we're all after anyway?

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Chris, Doug, John, Andrew, Mike, Jankatana, Rick, Stardogg, SSStank, Rolekeeper, Favre4ever, mgbb, Dadrab......thanks gents.

Chris.....LOL made you look, eh?? I hope someday that Snow Cat will materialize in 1/6 format, seriously.

Doug......yeah those socks material works surprisingly well, doesn't look too out of scale at all.

Andrew...everyday items are full of surprises, who knows the socks can be used as fur trimmings for mandollies.

Mike....only regret on this one was the timing, if I finished them a week earlier, I could get them some great snow shots. Now it's a slushy mess out there.

Jankatana....yep Yo Snow Joe :D

Rick....looking forward what you have in mind boss.

SSStank, Rolekeeper, mgbb....all we need now is get them the Snow Cat.

Favre4ever....well that's where the fun is; reinvent the Joe universe, further extends the vision.

Stardogg....the new series will be focusing solely on minor characters and less frequent than the previous series as I want to slip in a few non-Joe genre projects in between.

dadrab....because after the last marathon run of Joe characters, doing the subject too long sometimes wonder myself what else can I do aside from Joe characters. Every time I want to revisit other genres but almost often there is already another Joe character in the assembly line waiting to be rolled out. It's conflicting I know, Logic thinks it's time to revisit other subjects; emotional side however insists churning out more Joes first, the more the better.

While we are at it, yep more Joes/Cobras are on the drawing board, and hopefully one or two SW subjects along the way.

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These guys were some of my faves in the original 3 3/4" line.

When I competed in biathlon as a teen, these were all must have figures for me. So I got them all. Still have them.

Love your 12" versions Leo. :thumb If I ever get a chance to visit, you had best lock these away.
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