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Quigley Down Under Tom Selleck

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I posted this figure some time ago but I have made some updates since then and thought it might be worth posting again. The head and hat is a private commision I had done. The head has been painted by the Magnificent Pacobird. PB also painted the hat and customized it with a leather band and metal studs. Marius from Germany made the chaps and scarf. Stevo from Stevo Toys custom made the belt and knife. The rifle and the rest came from other 1/6 outlets. Once again thanks to okieh 2 for helping with advice and connections to put it all together.


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way cool, kind of a forgotten movie. Very original.
That HS is the business.

Great fig and thanks for the follow-up look.
WOW! Very cool. I must have missed this the first time. Glad you updated us.
that sculpt is EXCELLENT! can't figure which is better, yours or Spartan's. they're both just dead on.
Love it! Also, it's nice to see that someone other than myself still appreciates that movie.
Love it,

Pacobird's paintwork is the business and finishes off any figure just nicely.

Cool! Your Quigley looks amazing. You've created another fantastic figure.
That is a very well made figure - very original also -love it!
You know Magnum was a former Navy SEAL? Bash potential?


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That is an awesome figure!! Just nailed it! One of my all time favorite Westerns!!
matthew quigley

just finished watching the dvd you nailed the figure, the outfit, the rifle everything. great job.
Great figure, all around! That headsculpt captures Selleck perfectly!
Damn fine looking Quigley!

- Ian
Nice work. :thumb Mr. Quigley alright...
Nice, spot on to Quigley. I rather liked that movie, never having seen the earlier film.
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