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Right off, this isn't about more complaining regarding the weapons that accompany Sgt Larry's upcoming Falklands figures. As with other figures, I'm interested in the base provided, and will add the proper weapons and "extras".

On to the queries -

As I understand it, the 160 Provisional Company, RMP was part of 5 Brigade in the Falklands. They were tasked with police (constable) duties after the Falklands were secured, and before regular constables could be re-established. Osprey's Battle for the Falklands (I) Land Forces has a plate showing an RMP NCO directing traffic. He's armed with a holstered pistol.
Were RMPs held back until hostilities were concluded, or would they have been employed beforehand? Did they perform any prisoner escort duty?
_ Would they be armed with heavier weapons like Sterling submachine guns or SLRs?
_ Would they wear full kit, or something more like "belt order(?)" ?

On the subject of the Sterling, did the military ever use the Sterling 9 mm Mk VII Pistol?


Most comments I've encountered on the Mk VII are highly uncomplimentary, and I'm assuming the standard Sterling SMG would be far preferable.

Any information will be most appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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