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Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knew places to buy foreign Max Steel. I've seen them pop up on Ebay every once in a while, but I was wondering if anyone knew where to pick some of the new figures. attached are some pics. Pic one is The Max Steel vs. Extroyer set, Pic two is the Giant Elementor (over Two feet tall), Pic Three is Expedition Max, Pic Four is Cybersuit Max vs Elementor Metal, and Pic five is The Elementor Three pack. I should note a few things: One is that I bought some stuff on ebay from a guy in Cali. He said he saw the Giant Elementor there and I asked him about finding some of this stuff, but he never got back to me on it. I also saw these on some for sites ( for one and, but I'm not sure if they deliver to the US or how much it will be to ship. Anyone know any info or members who can help (I know we have some members from Brasil)?



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