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See subject.

I've been reading online elsewhere about some sporadic QC issues with The Magtant 2.0 figure from Toys-Era ranging from missing parts, shoddy assembly on the figure's armor and outfit, and how the final production version of the head sculpt is not close to what was advertised/marketed/promoted.

The figure was recently released in Asia and is making its way to US vendors.

No official response to the issues from Toys-Era on their Facebook page.

If anyone here ordered it and experiences the same issue, I recommend the following (asides from getting upset).

1. Contact the 1:6 vendor you ordered it from and see if they can assist.

2. Contact Toys-Era through their Facebook page by sending them an instant message and also by e-mail. I recommend posting any issue (i.e. missing parts, etc.) on their Facebook page with pictures.

Toys-Era - Home | Facebook

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