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I think I know the answer to this, but would SOG/SF in Viet Nam ever wear any identifying insignia, patches, or rank on their in-field uniforms or fatigues? I understand regular forces would wear subdued rank, name, insignia patches, but what about the SEALS or SOG guys?

Second Question: Did SOG's wear a beret with a special SOG flash? I'm thinking the answer to this is no, and while there was a SOG flash or insignia that I once recall seeing I don't believe it was ever worn on a Beret or sleeve...or...was it?
And does anyone make that insignia in 1/6?


I've been bashing up a ton of SF Nam guys lately and the question came up since the guys are all completely without rank or decor on their uniforms (mostly Dragon and 21st Tigerstripes).
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