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A tip of the birthday cap to this thundering herd of away OSWers---

FeniX777, blazefire, 1stlooey (56), IrishSEAL (45), DJMc (45), BLACKWATER 1/6 (44), Ranger322 (38), Serenity 2000, Plasmid303(32), and enferg (27)

Happy Birthday fellas! :thumb

Now time to put on your thinking caps! Let's see who can answer this trivia question.

During WWII, the Axis powers suffered severe petroleum oil shortages. What did IJA/IJN air mechanics use for their airplanes instead?

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A very happy birthday(s) folks :)

As for the trivia question, maybe biofuel from animal and/or human waste? Or maybe broken down tires? An early Howard Stark Arc Reactor?

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The answer is a bit surprising as IJA/IJN mechanics used Shark Liver oil to lubricate their aircraft.
And so Sharknado was spawned.... damn flying sharks.
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