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Hello, guys!

Here are my renditions of PTU (police tactical unit, in green) and EU (emergency unit, in blue) officers from the Hong Kong Police Force c.2003 with custom bases to based on HK street markings. I used more static poses as I was trying to show off the uniforms. I've always been inspired by the beautiful style of the figures in SpecFigures2 magazine, so I tried my best to impart a little of that feel with the super clean, nicely bloused, and balanced figures that grace that magazine.

The figures are also loosely based on characters from the HK films, "PTU" and "Big Bullet".


Trousers Military uniform Military person Cargo pants Security
Joint Military camouflage Military uniform Cargo pants Military person

For the dark blue EU uniform, I dyed a Brit WW2 RAF uniform and added silver buttons:
Shoe Military person Military uniform Standing Gesture
Sleeve Dress shirt Collar Blazer Audio equipment
Shoe Cargo pants Military uniform Military person Security
Tire Bicycle tire Automotive tire Glove Bicycles--Equipment and supplies
Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Rectangle Amber Bumper

Stand making of:

Brick Font Road surface Wall Asphalt


Stands are black Damtoy stands that I tried to make look like the streets of HK with the associated pavement markings. I don't live in HK though, so it's quite possible those uniforms are anachronistic to the markings.

  • Base uniform & gear are from the ZCWO PTU figs.
  • Boots, beret, watch body and head are new pieces with some minor customizing.

  • Uniform is a King Toy Brit WW2 RAF uniform dyed dark blue with silver buttons added. Also added shiny HKP insignia from another uniform. Stuffed & starched as needed.
  • Head is ebay
  • weapons/webbing/gear are ZCWO and DML
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