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Presenting headsculpt #2 from Longbow Studios

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Presenting headsculpt number 2

On behalf of the team responsible for our headsculpt number 2, I would like to present our finalized prototype. We appreciate all the helps and inputs that were provided by the community members during the development phase, the project wouldn't have been here without you guys' criticisms.

Also, I would like to introduce Erick Sosa, the talented sculptor behind this project, the project wouldn't even materialize without his effort.

As usual, comments and criticisms are welcomed, we would love to hear from all of you!
Please feel free to PM us if you have any question or concern.

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wow. Will these cost about as much as the miller sculpts?
yes. In fact, we have invested double the time on tweaking this project in comparison to Millers.
Looks very nice, you guys at Longbow have some incredible drive and talent. I'm sure this one will be a winner like the last.
One thing if I may, I love all the detail that you put into the face, the porous texture, each painstaking wrinkle and detail present, and yet the hair seems to be skimmed over. I know its pretty hard to do a good hair sculpt, since mine are rubbish, but with your team I think it could be more finely tuned.
Bravo to Mr Sosa though, he's a considerable talent.
Gawd you folks are so blessed to have one talented team. I LOVE that sculpt. :thumb :thumb
Wow, that is impressive.
That looks just like him:)
That just beautiful! And the seems to be your calling card. Has its own style. Like one of those bronze scupltures.
Will this sculpt be closer to 1/6th?
The major complaint about the Miller sculpt is that it was too small.
yes, this one is larger than miller sculpt, we do take the feedback very seriously =)
Saiko, we appreciate that feedback, we will definitely take note of that on our next project. Thanks.
One of the best custom headsculpts I have ever seen. The detail on the lips is truly amazing.
Since you ask for opinions, here's mine. When shopping for head sculpts I try and find the closest portrait for the character I want. The sculpt needs to look like the actor/actress first and foremost. Level of detail isn't as important to me as accurate likeness. The detail on this sculpt is very well executed, in places. Why go to all the time and trouble of detailing the lips and skin to the degree shown, and have ears and hair that look like a roughed in after thought? It's obvious that the sculpt is intended to be Daniel Craig. However it looks like the sculpt is based on a Jack Davis/Mort Drucker Mad Magazine illustration, not photos of DC. Maybe a more stylized approach is what you are going for. Plenty of people seem to dig it. For my taste the style would clash to much with the rest of my figures. I hope you guys succeed as the more people offering heads the better chances I'll have of finding the right one for my collection. Hopefully you can add other sculptors and offer some heads that would fit in more with the Sideshow/Hot Toys look. Good luck with this and future projects.
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I agree about the hair, and I question why the ears stick out so much.

I was surprised to learn the sculptor isn't the same, and it says to me that Longbow will have a distinct signature style. I think the style works very well at 1:6, and this sculpt captures the asymmetry that makes it look alive. In particular, Craig has that slight jut to the lower lip on one side. The face is great!

Will those of us who have previously emailed our interest in purchasing receive a notice when pre-ordering starts?
Excellent work, and one that I am seriously interested in purchasing; how would I go about doing so?
Thanks for the feedbacks everyone. Phantom, if you would like to do so, please pm us. Also, our sculptor has been Erick Sosa all along, it was just he wanted the Monster in the Machine name at the beginning.
Gruffoldbear, it would be helpful if you could contact us again for this matter.
Very nice sculpt, skin texture is amazing. However, there`s an almost "caricature" look about it....Not that I could do better, I only wish I had his skills! :thumb
I think you guys did a excellent on this sculpt, IMHO. I do agree with what was said about the hair that it could be a little more detailed. As far as the ears, just looking at pictures I would say they are accurate(his ears do stick out). I would add that looking at Craig photos on IMDB he has many different looks. In some photos his face looks a bit gaunt(role in Lara Croft) which I would guess is from slimming down, while in other photos his face appears fuller(Bond 007: a role which he clearly bulked up for). These are just my observations and opinions and I feel this sculpt is excellent representation of Daniel craig.
IMDB link:
IMDB photo link

Sorry pictures won't link from IMDB, I just get red X's while trying to post pics.
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