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Did my first Kitbash completed in my new home.

Have moved to three months and so far no time for.

it is nothing less than a self- representation of me and my other hobby ^^

everything you see on this figure I own the original .

This set comes on long weekends or holidays to use.

I kept myself in the contents of the bags and all of the suggestions of K- ISOM and the German disasters emergency plan ......

yes it really exists!
is partly from the 80s but can easily be put on the current status.

I have recently got a whole week with this equipment.

The parts list Original:

Lowa GTX shoes € 199 (Damtoys)
MIL - Tec M 65 Jacket € 50 (wildworx)
Lewis Jeans Explorer € 95 (wildworx)
True Spec Multicam Backpack 40L € 129 (Soldier Story)
Watch cap black 6 € (pop toys)
MHF big polybag € 8 (Dam)
TT Tac Bags 6 black 25 € (Damtoys)
Ka- Bar USMC Fighting Knife € 129 (Dragon)
Olive Nieto knife 35cm ! Bowie (coomodel)
€ 70
Fingerless gloves € 12 (damtoys)
Machete classic € 7 (dragon)
BDU Belt Blackhawk € 15 (Soldier Story)
Body: Rolodapie HT copie

the rest of the equipment in the bags has about a value of nearly 400 €

if the text sounds strange for you blame it on the google translater i use for it .... he can not cope with the German syntax.

he twist the words all over..... :doh

of course, no weapons ....
we are here in Germany ... it is even difficult to get a police gun form the local police station.

to procure ammunition is even more difficult ...

the same to gas masks and other mad max style stuff...

you are simply screwed if a zombie spread would happen. ^ ^


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Well, guns or not, that's a good looking figure. I am guessing the prices, totaling 400 €, are for real (1:1) items? Isn't there any black market left over from the old DDR, for weapons and ammunition?
I like that the figure and description not only are appealing, but set a process of considering alternatives into motion. A sort of more proactive Rammbock.

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cant sleep so i add bigger pics.

thx for the kind words guys...... i thought i have done someting wrong....

jes good and expensive stuff at all..... no cheap airsoft ....

every time the fights with my father gone overdone or phisical i grap this set and im gone for a few days......

i couldnt manage it with cheap fake stuff you know.

bunker ???

I have a solid shelter with trapdoor and 16x18 meter area about two meters below the earth as hiding .... does that count ??? ^^

i dig about 2 months with a folding shafel and invest close to 2000€ in this place..... when im gone im gone no one screw me over then.^ ^
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