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Predator Gallery

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For all of those predator fans, I found this amazing site of resin painted sculptures some are 1/6 scale and i thought it would be good to share as ive been recently repainting my avp scar and recently purchased the elder predator.

check out some of these predator resin sculptures, frigging amazing painting.The ones toward the bottom are more recent and done by some master painters
painters website, there are a few half *****NUDE****** sculptures. The paint work is amaznig
reference site for predator costumes and masks

i decided to add pictures


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Hey, that really nice! Thanks.
You can also check out, there is lots of pred references on that site.
An amazing mix there, real Predator homeworld feel to those.
Great reference! This hopefully will spark some predator customization.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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