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Predator 2 elder ETA?

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Hey guys, just wondering if any of you have received this figure yet?? Thanks.

budro 65
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It's out in HK already, so if you bought from HK sellers - yours should be on their way to you. It's not out in US yet though...

Card was charged today. Called the store and was informed it has arrived and will go out tomorrow.:thumb
When I checked with my local hobby shop last week they said some time in February at the latest ... and they get it directly from the HT distributor for NA so I'd expect most places in NA to be seeing these anytime between now and end of February.
Yeah. I was really shocked as well. I was'nt ready for this after shelling out $300+ on Deunan and Briareos this month.

But when Cornerstorecomics charged my account, What else can I do? I can't really pass up on this and cancel it, especially since most stores has sold out on this piece.So I bit the bullet. I cant imagine myself regretting it though. This has been my most anticipated toy of 2008 so far.
You, too? Same on my end...preorder from Cornerstore's subsidiary Amazing Toyz was charged to my card yesterday....and just after spending $1600 on car repairs. Imagine explaining that to my!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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