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This is a two part question and comment. I am excited about all the new releases coming out of Coo Model. Medieval is a timeframe that has always fascinated me. I just returned from London and had the opportunity to visit the town of Battle where the Battle of Hastings was fought. What a fantastic self tour which further solidified my interest in the period.

Back to Coo Model...first, is this knight fairly accurate? The shoulder armor looks rather large? What kind or metal are they using for their figures? Is the metal cheap and easy to break?

Knight can be seen here:

Second, I have a few Coo Model figures on preorder such as William Adams the Samurai. They seem to be announcing the release of figures at a high rate but are extremely slow to release them or at-least hit the US market. Any ideas why?

Adams has been on preorder for a year already and yet seems to be readily available in the Asian market. Cant imagine what the actual release date will be Oda Nobunaga.

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