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Fall cleaning has been done here and threads moved to appropriate forums.

Please adhere to the following rules:

1. Trades in Question forum is for posting those trades/sales that have not been finalized but are becoming questionable.

This forum is only for to be used for those trades/sales that have occurred on the OSW or other 1/6 boards

2. Cell Block Six: Bad Trades forum is for posting trades/sales that have gone completely south and have little or no hope of being resolved.

This forum is to be used exclusively for trades/sales that have occurred on the OSW and between OSW members.

3. Ebay (on the auction block) forum is for all things Ebay including complaints/warnings about Ebay sellers.

4. Dealer Links sub forum of Dealer and Distributor Announcements forum is where all complaints/warnings about dealers/retailers are to be posted.

The above rules will not only simplify members finding information, but also the trade police's ability to respond to questionable/bad trades.

If you become party to a bad trade here on the OSW contact me, GrenadierStinny or another staff member ASAP.
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