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Posting embedded Pictures

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I notice when I try to post embedded pictures within the text box all I am getting is red "X" marked boxes. Is this because my HTML is turn off? If so, how do I turn it on? If there is another reason please tell me how to correct it. All of the pictures I am trying to post are in my gallery.

T. R.
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Let me know what you're doing to get that red x. :)
Another Test
I posted this already in one of your recent figure threads, but I'll repost here just in case.

You have the images uploaded to your gallery, but you're trying to link the album page's URL rather than the image's actual URL.
Norm/the board software makes it easy, just below the image on that page in a grey box is the UBB code, already inside the IMG tags that you need to link the pictures, just copy and paste that.
Most video automatically embedded:

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