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Popski's Private Army made their name in North Africa fighting alongside the SAS and the Long Range Desert Group. After Rommel's surrender, they moved to Italy where they continued operating behind enemy lines, raiding, doing recons, blowing stuff up and generally making a nuisance of themselves. In Italy, they operated heavy-armed jeeps. American .30's and .50's had replaced the British Lewis guns so common in Africa and Thompsons and Colt .45 were the preferred small arms. Their jeeps were modified. Besides the added firepower, windshields were removed, smoke generators were mounted, spare tires were moved to the left side, and the right bumper was removed and mounted on the left simply welded to the existing one. A small map holder was added in front of the driver, and the rear bench seat was typically moved to make a three-across seating setup. Jerry cans were everywhere, a rack on the rear held two or three, up to three were carried on the front bumper rack and side cans rode just aft of the front wheels.

This DML jeep kit has most all of the modifications. The storage is typical with a mix of British and American with some captured German and Italian thrown in for good measure. The jeep is painted in a mixed green (not OD nor British Bronze Green but somewhere between the two) to represent a heavily faded and repainted ex-Africa unit. Washes of rust, and oily grim are oil-based, with a good bit of dry brushing and sponge chipping effects. These units did up to three-week operations behind enemy lines, they were well-worn homes for the crews. The figure is dressed in a mix of civilian and military clothing. An American tanker's jacket, 45 and combat knife, British boots, and a sweater that looks suspiciously German. Such was the nature of Popski's men. The rum bottles and tea kettle are wood turnings, the rest of the storage is from various 1/6th manufactures. The Bren bag was given a coat of Blanco to get the green color, it seems bright, but it came right out of a war surplus can of the stuff.


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DML offered it in a carded set a long time ago.

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Love the jeep and all the gear, grimy bits, the trooper with his cup, the crazy .50 just plopped in the rear there. Great job! This needs an outdoor shot or diorama setup or something!

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This is amazing! I never seen a 1/6 Jeep packed to the brim like this. Good job!
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