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in Los Angeles crime is always high, but spun by the media as normal life, but sometimes i wonder when i will get shot at and if i will get hit. then i think of rodney king, north Hollywood, and, Darryl gates and remember that for as high as it is our crime is still lower than many other cities on earth. and why that is unlikely. anyway 1/6 police have it made cause we control their fate and the suspects'. we decide if combat joe is to go to jail, if barbie has drunken too much and her nudity is indecent, and when if ever we don't agree with no boundaries batman. did the joker get parole? you tell me, did mad max go over the edge.... of course....uhh did we find a psycho hobo? if we did, he probably got psychiatric help, or jail time. no matter what the case we must not forget that that crime occurs and we have an opportunity to help stop it. what i am saying is that police work is wondrous and should always be represented as such.

i urge you to watch adam 12, the first real police patrol drama, it was and still is a staple of the L.A.P.D. it is a show that broke ground when it comes to showing cops on the beat. reed and malloy have so many great, yet realistic adventures that, adam 12 should get top spot, as #1 classic cop show, also i respect all that police do and if you are a cop, THANK YOU for your service to the community. i have met nice police officers here in L.A.P.D. Pacific division and have got to say just their attitudes about police work, make you want to follow their lead. and really they lead by example. unless they are the police academy recruits in which case they do no such thing. they show us how not to be, as a cop. don't be clumsy, trigger happy or a punk, and you might do okay.

why is this post here? to say thank you to you the cops who protect guys like me. cops who fight the trolls by doing their job no matter what. cops who die to ensure that we may live. cops who are model citizens. cops who are cops!

that is why i bought these real heroes policemen. when don levine created real heroes he set out to honor our everyday heroes with figures that not only represent over a century and a half of policework and over four centuries of firefighting, but represent the dedication behind the profession, and bring us back to the good old days when gi joes actually looked cool and were bbi Quality. so here is my review of don levine's real heroes nypd patrol officer...

first lets tackle the head. standard levine joe head not too realistic but nice on the eyes (insert bad headsculpt refence here) and look at the skin tone kinda mixed if you ask me.

Forehead Nose Cheek Eyebrow Jaw

then this is the shirt kinda basic some stitching in place of shirt pockets, official nypd Badge and patches and a tie.

Chin Sleeve Entertainment Music Eyewear

this is the nypd patch

Outerwear Sleeve Toy Gesture Collar

this is the back of the shirt

Neck Sleeve Personal protective equipment Cap Magenta

and then theres the belt a non standard cop belt that is not pleather. it looks more like the apb colletibles belt. with the pleather pouches, notice that the belt has an adjustable length

Sleeve Waist Entertainment Belt Pink

this is the back of the figure with the belt showing more

Sleeve Pink Red Thigh Magenta

and of course the pants

Footwear Joint Shoe Leg Human body

and here are the accessories
his handgun

Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Wood Sky

pistol magazine

Automotive lighting Wood Rectangle Tints and shades Magenta

nightstick and flashlight

Wood Musical instrument Material property Tints and shades Magenta

three more belt shots

Gesture Pink Violet Petal Magenta

Wood Magenta Shotgun Valve Metal

Magenta Carmine Metal Cross Fashion accessory

the radio mic

Microphone Plant Neck Sleeve Petal

and of course the display stand

Footwear Shoe Walking shoe Sportswear Flooring

lastly the hat and jacket

front w/ badge

Sleeve Purple Collar Leather jacket Automotive lighting

side w/ patch

Automotive lighting Sleeve Purple Collar Tints and shades


Sleeve T-shirt Headgear Sportswear Bat

and the hat

Land vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design Petal Body jewelry

so there you have it a real heroes new york cop

Nice details, but I’d suggest changing to a more realistic looking HS and a slightly muscular body like the one by KP. It will help fill up the uniform nicely and the gear will hang properly. Don’t forget to show us a full body shot. Great job.

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A nice tribute.

To make a social commentary statement of sorts, IMHO it is a shame that in my state (and others), "public employees" such as police and firemen have become targets for political attack.

I have several police sergeants as friends, and of course Hollywood is not often Reality.
But I am fond of the on-again off-again show "Southland" for LA.

On a silly note... you did a nice job on the doughnut crumbs on the tie.

:) :) :)

Just a-funnin', just a-funnin' Sergeants Mac and Tom if you are reading this.


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i'll post a body shot soon. also What donut crumbs? i must not know that i put em there.
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