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PMC type operator. Playhouse PMC Set A and B, and Navy VBSS.

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This is a combination of the Playhouse PMC Set A, B, and VBSS figure.

Camouflage Outerwear Ballistic vest Military camouflage Military uniform
Camouflage Ballistic vest Shoe Military camouflage Machine gun

Accidentally broke the clip off the Maxpedition bag during the switch over. Need to glue that back on, or fix the tabs somehow. On of my favourite parts of the PMC sets.

Sleeve Eyewear Camouflage Collar Headgear
Toy Camouflage Ballistic vest Military uniform Military camouflage
Camouflage Ballistic vest Military camouflage Military uniform Military person
Camouflage Ballistic vest Military camouflage Cargo pants Military uniform
Camouflage Military camouflage Military uniform Military person Marines

Many moons ago I had the PMC sets, and combined them to get the outfit combo I wanted, and put them on a DiD body. I could never get the gear and outfit to sit just right on that Gen1 DiD body without modifications to the body, outfit or both. I really liked the head, but the body just wasn’t working for me because of the shape. I may have to get another of the new DiD bodies, and try the head on that.

I was digging through a box of bodies, and found the Playhouse VBSS body and head, and it gave me an idea. Put all that gear on a Playhouse body and see how it fits. It should in theory fit perfectly. Right? The Navy VBSS figure was one of the better releases from Playhouse, and the body and head were quite popular with the tattoos, and Splinter Cell Sam Fisher head sculpt. Not the best body on the market, and it has strange joints, but poses well enough, and I never had any issues with loose joints. The other parts in the set were quite well done too, just overshadowed by the head and body. The hard plastic parts needed work, but had just enough detail to work well.

The parts from the PMC sets are mixed to get the desired tan/coyote brown look to it.

It resulted in a much better fit and appearance than my original set up, no surprise really as it’s all one brand now, and I may add some more stuff to it to get a better looking final appearance. Where did I put those sunglasses???

I need to get some outdoor shots of this guy.

The sets used. 5 1 1
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