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Pmc Rto

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Thing about this guy is that he could go either PMC , CIA or Spec. ops.
I used the civi type back pack to allow for this.
Mix of clothes and weapons as well as radio eqpt.
Added the details like the GPS and commo key board to kind of set him off from reg. unit rto's and make it a little more interesting.

Hope you like.


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Yeah, he's ready to rock!
Thanks !!
He'll be part of a photo story I'm thinking about.
I'm going back through my boxes of finished figures and doing some upgrade/date work and I'll try to get some pics.
Just haven't had time since getting back home.
Going to take the youngest out paintballing tomorrow that's a wash, but there's still today !:D
Looks loaded for bear delta, no ones going to stand in his way or interrupt his commo.
have fun with the son, I miss paintball after having not played for years now! And good luck with the photostory!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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