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With the new pirates movie out, I thought I'd share some of my old custom work on the Zizzle Pirates of the Caribbean that came out for the previous movies. I personally think that Zizzle did a heck of a lot better job than Jakks did with the new line of POTC figures - though I wish they'd done other characters instead of 20 different kinds of Jack Sparrow and 10 different Will Turners/Elizabeth Swann's.

That gave me the idea, why not customize a few of them to get the characters that weren't included!

I only have a few figures customized as most of them are in my old home in the Philippines but here are some photos of the ones that were finished.

Some simple custom work...

Jolly Mon Jack Sparrow (ex-Captain Jack Sparrow), Royal Navy Gibbs (ex-Gibbs), Tortuga Bar Scruffington (ex-Captain Norrington)

Jolly Mon Jack Sparrow pose is set. Sword non-drawable. Accessory is pistol.
RN Gibbs accessories: RN hat, pistol, rum flask
Tortuga Scruffington accessories: Tricorne, Cutlass, Pistol, Swordbelt, Rum Bottle. Note that he is still wearing his decrepit white wig.

More complicated custom work...

Captain 'Cryer' from At Worlds End.

Modified from the Admiral Norrington figure, the face was changed to try and approximate Mark Hildreth's features. Dark Red sash was added and waistcoat changed to blue. Props are a tricorne hat and a proclamation ("... right to assembly... suspended!")

Very complicated custom work...

Skeletal Barbossa and Skeletal Jack + Skeletal Jack the Monkey
Cursed Barbossa accessories: Decrepit Feathered Hat, Barbossa Sword, Shiny Green Apple
Cursed Jack accessories: Pistol, Jack's Sword, Aztec Gold Coin held in Jack's left hand.

Both were actually the Zizzle released figure, "Half-Skeleton Jack Sparrow" which were heavily modified to make them both skeletons and one changed completely to Barbossa's skeleton version. Jack the Monkey was the 'normal' Jack the Monkey that came with the Marty figure.

In the works are Commodore Norrington, Lt.Gillette, Mullroy and Murtogh, Tia Dalma, Mercer, Governor Swann and others. I hope to have the most complete collection of POTC (1st to 3rd movies only) figures eventually including customs of figures that never were made.

Now if only I could find that elusive Lord Cutler Beckett figure...
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