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Pictures from the OSF Show

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Here are some of the pictures we took at the OSF Expo. I tried to post them in the forum but the system kept telling me they were to small? Anyways there are three pages.
Thanks for looking,
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Great pics War. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for posting the pics Paul.

Some how I managed to miss the fact that you and your wife have a store. Saw a couple of goodies I like, yyou will be hearing from me soon ;)
Cool...wish I could have gone

Thanks for the pics, looks like it was fun
Thanks for the photo coverage...
Thank you, I'm glad you like the pix. Kneejoint we've been in business for three years now. It's all good though, alot of people seem to miss that fact. I've got more pictures to process that I will try to add this weekend. There was alot more of the show than what I have up right now including some great armor pix. We also stopped at the Hover Dam and did some outdoor pix with some of our figures.
More coming soon,
Paul that was you at the show? Wish you would have come by our booth and say hey...

Greg at Cotswold
Many many thanks, Paul!!! W:eekW!!
I luvv Zombie Town (and what a choice for the 1/6th figs, confront them or escape into Nazi occupied territory behind the town).
And for the Custom Figs, my favorite is the firefighter - fantastic detailing! :thumb :thumb
Great stuff!
Greg I did come by your booth. Even bought some Reload bootfeet (Cause they blew off by order). I asked about you and kinda got no real answer. Oh well maybe next time.
Great pictures and thanks for sharing. It was very nice meeting you at the show.
Sorry bout that. Since biz was slow, I was out talking to other dealers. :-(

Great pics Paul, thank you for sharing them! The new civvie stuff from nlm looks sweet :thumb
Sixth vanguard, It was very nice meeting you too. I know what you mean Greg. I just wish the gent that was in the booth had been somewhat helpful. I know we would have bought more if he had been. Glad you like the pix Mike. I was very impressed by the new stuff coming from New Line and Toyrrific. I think it's gonna be a good year for accessories.
Paul, great site, thanks for sharing and thanks for cross linking to mine!
Thank you Ray, We've tried to link to the all customizers we admire if they have a site. I do need to go in update the links though. I know the Royo site has changed.
Thanks again,
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