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This is a custom Captain Hector Barbossa from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This was one of my most wanted figures and has been a long time coming. All in all it took about 3 years and people all over the world for everything to come together.

Here are the artists that made it possible:
Resin head sculpt, hat, boots, necklace, pistol, buckles and monkey: Rocco Tartamella of Orlando, Florida
Outfit: Hardy Liga of Rise Collectible Toys in Jakarta, Indonesia
Paint: Carlos Garcia of The Laboratory FX in Rota, Spain
Leather belt and bandolier: Gustavo Ponce of Old Traveler Workshop in Veracruz, Mexico
Sword: Dmitriy Laktionov of DL Workshop in Barnual, Russia
Apple: Andy Manoloff of Doggie Doc Designs

It started with a set of resin pieces sculpted by Rocco Tartamella. The set included the headsculpt with hat, a pair of boots, Barbossa's necklace and the buckles for his belt and bandolier. It also included his pistol and the monkey Jack.

I bought this set and at the same time ordered the outfit from Rise Collectible Toys. After some searching I settled on a painter, Carlos Garcia. I sent him a huge stack of very detailed color printouts of all the pieces he'd need to paint. I had closeup photos of every angle of the pistol and the buckles. I had multiple photos of Jack and his outfit and of course lots of photos of Barbossa's face. I even had photos of the feathers on Barbossa's hat.

Carlos reproduced all these details exactly in his paint work. The photos below were made by him. He posted these on his Facebook page.

After I received the painted pieces I started looking for the right body for both the head and the outfit. I tried several different bodies and eventually went with a Soldier Story body. It fit the outfit just right but it was nowhere near the same color as the head. So I contacted Carlos and asked him if he could paint the body to match the head. He said he could so I shipped off the body to him along with the head so he could match the color. Then something unusual happened. After he was done Carlos sent me the pictures below. Not only had he painted the body, he had also customized it with battle scars and a "P" brand, the mark given to pirates by the East India Trading Company. I was also shocked to find that he had repainted the head using a new technique he'd developed. This really recreated Barbossa's weathered skin as you can see in the before and after photo. I had no idea he was going to do this but I'm glad he did.

I then shipped off the buckles to Gustavo Ponce so he could make Barbossa's belt and bandolier. I sent him multiple photos of the real items as well along with a sword from one of DiD's Napoleonic figures to use in making the sword holder on the belt. Gustavo is well known for producing the best leather work there is in the 1/6th world and he did not disappoint, faithfully reproducing the belt and bandolier just as they look in the movies. The photo below is from Gustavo.

I was ready to assemble the figure but I did not want to use the boots that came with Rocco's set. While they are beautifully sculpted and were given a fantastic paint job they were a little smaller than I wanted. More importantly, they would not accept a foot peg. I would have had to have cut and modified the figures legs and then glued them into the boots which I did not want to do. So I bought a pair of Hot Toys Jack Sparrow boots to use. These came in brown so I painted them black. You can see a comparison of Roccos boots with the Hot Toys boots below. I've chosen not to weather mine but I might give them a light dusting later on.

So I now had Hot Toys boots along with a head made for a Hot Toys body but I had a Soldier Story body. Luckily our very own OSW member Delusional makes adapters available on Shapeways. So I bought the Soldier Story body to Hot Toys foot pegs and the Soldier Story body to Hot Toys head neck peg. I don't know what I would have done without these pieces.

As I began assembling the figure I still did not know what I was going to do about Barbossa's sword. It is a very distinctive piece and there was a beautiful 1:1 replica made of it. But there was no 1/6th sword that looked anything like it. I figured I'd just have to settle for as close as I could get but then by chance I saw a post on Facebook by Dmitriy Laktionov of a 1/6th reproduction he had made. I contacted him and ordered one. It wasn't cheap but I'd come this far and didn't want to get to the home stretch and let the figure down with just any old sword. Dmitriy made the sword for me and sent it in a beautiful presentation box. This is a fantastic all metal piece.

When dressing the figure I had to stitch down the lapels on both his waistcost and jacket. To finish off the figure I got some of the hands from the Hot Toys Mandarin figure from Iron Man 3. One of his rings was very similar to Barbossa's so I cut the finger off and dremeled out the inside of the ring and slipped it onto Barbossa's right hand. I also got a leather glove and cut and stitched it to fit his left hand. I also dirtied up his fingernails as they were in the movies. Oddly enough one of the most difficult parts of this project was finding a chain the right size to hold Barbossa's necklace. I searched and searched and ordered several different ones before finding one that would work. All of them were from model train or model ship supply stores. All of that work and you can barely even see the necklace. I also ordered a custom green apple with a bite taken out of it from Andy Manoloff of Doggie Doc Designs to recreate one of Barbossa's most iconic scenes.

So there you have it. As an aside, this was my first attempt at taking photos with a light tent. I'm not sure the pictures I took do the figure justice, they were taken with an iPhone 7. But hopefully you can see Barbossa in the finished figure. This was one of most wanted figures and I have to thank every one of the artists that made it possible. I am very very happy with the way it turned out. This just goes to show how many extremely talented people there are out there working in the 1/6th field. I feel very lucky to have some of their work.


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