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We had a great time this past weekend at the show! Tons of great displays put on by the club and a great selection of vendors with all of your 1:6th scale needs!

The club especially appreciates the following board members taking the time to get up from behind their computer desks and actually making the trip to see the show in person:

Andrew (crusader1xxx), Ben (original paintbrush), Bryan, (bjones), Chuck, (hansalbin), Mike (mickeyfin), Phil (granatwerfer)

We hope you enjoy the photos and be sure to check it out in person next year!

- The SSCC

More show photos on the club's website:


The sign in the hallway:

VENDOR: My Vintage Toys and Trains


VENDOR: Wes' Custom Creations

Wes' Display Table - WWII Chinese and Japanese figures, a Soviet sniper team, two Germans from Stalingrad, his custom German SiG 33 artillery piece with all the accessories, and some Fallschirmjägers on the Italian front.

Greg's Display Table - Star Wars and Batman throughout the ages

Cindy's Display Table - Vintage GI Joes from all eras in Alert Line, BGT, BBi, DiD, DML, NewLinw, Soldier Story, etc. uniforms, weapons, and gear.

Pedro's Display Table - Modern US Military

Mike's Display Table - 1:6th and 1:1 WWII US War Correspondents

Mark K.'s Display Tables - Dad's Garage

Eric's Display Table - The 82nd Airborne Landing in Normandy on D-Day

Mike and Phil's Display Tables - Their joint Korean War Diorama and 1:1 US Korean War Militaria Display

George's Display Table - US Marines in Hue City during the Tet Offensive

Scott C.'s Display Tables - US Modern Warfare Diorama


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Fred's Display Tables - 17th Airborne Division - Operation Varsity:

Dick's Display Tables - 12th SS HJ Motorcycle Reconnaissance Unit at the Outskirts of Caen, June 7th, 1944

Cory and Phil's Display Table - Afrikakorps Figures and Vehicles Separated by Fred's North African Wall from two British SAS Jeeps

John's Display Table - Figures from his Star Wars Collection:

Dick's Display Table - A Custom Panzer III Ausf. H with Crew from monkeyrabbitstudio

VENDOR: AP Collectibles

VENDOR: O'Smiley's Dolls and Collectibles:

VENDOR: Cory's Toys

VENDOR: esumthing4u


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Thanks for the compliments, guys! Much appreciated!

zoomie2001 - it's a once a year show, for more information on it, click the links to the club website and/or Facebook page in my signature line. Feel free to drive over for our club events throughout the year. Cincinnati is just upriver...

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