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I'm not exactly sure if this belongs here or not. With the new Mass Effect game dropping tomorrow I thought it was time to tease this. It's true this has taken longer to come together than I had hoped and expected but that's the way this hobby goes sometimes. I should have a few more teaser images to share soon. I will also be posting the link to the Patreon page which I hope to start in early April. It will run for only about three to four months. It will include three photo comics, one by Titan, one by me and one by Phantom11. In between comics will be 2D artwork done by another artist, some of which will be pin ups some of which will be comics. Some of the content will be graphic, violence, sex etc. I did not want to censor work I just wanted to have fun with this project. Once the Patreon page is posted and I start taking your money content will be steady probably in weekly updates. If you guys and girls are at all curious I'd say give it a chance it will only run a short while. Based on how many supporters there are I will consider future projects like it. Of course I'd also love to hear feedback on it because that will help to shape any future endeavors.
The first photo comic will be Titan's and here are a few of the characters in it with a little of there history.

And a quick example of some of the 2D artwork...
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