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Arkhalla, the Undying Queen of Ur
In the beginning of the Bronze Age, 5,000 years ago, her name was whispered in fear across the cities and kingdoms of early man. For uncounted years, she has ruled from her city of Ur, implacable, cruel, an undying creature feasting on human blood, her demonic powers making monsters of those she infects and enslaving all others under her reign of terror. Her only weakness… a still all-too-human heart.

Packing List-
1) 1 x head sculpt
2) 1 x TB League female seamless body with metal skeleton
3) 3pairs x interchangeable hands
4) 2pairs x detachable feet
5) 1 x Asag's Crown
6) 1 pair x armbands
7) 1 pair x bracelets
8) 1 pair x anklets
9) 1 pair x pasties
10) 1 x bikini-style top
11) 1 x belt
12) 1 x skirt
13) 1 x Queen's Scepter
14) 1 x Sacrificial Knife
15) 1 x Sickle Sword
16) 1 x Skull Goblet
17) 1 x base (A representation of "ASAG'S MIRROR" in the story)
18) 4 color packaging

Packing box is not big, so shipping charges is quite all right.

Front and back of the box. With standard plastic wrapping to ensure it was not tempered with. When i saw the front cover, oh my! I wish the phicen figure used for this is like the picture...matured woman body with a bit of tummy...][/url]
The 1st and 2nd sections of the contents.][/url]
The main figure was prepared with the red bikini. It was tied ribbon style to the back, can be easily removed or put back. The HS as advertised, very nice, with a touch of blood on the lips.][/url]
Here's something unexpected. There is no nips!! All phicen bodies, old or new, will have nips, especially the newer TBLeague ones, with a touch of pink. But there is no nips on this figure!! Well, i guessed, that is to allow the owner to freely decide where to paste the pasties. Some might prefer them high, or middle, you know what i mean…?][/url]
There is not much challenge to put on the accessories on the body. The crown is not hard plastic, and so is the rest of the wrist guards, arm guards or ankle guards. The sword is not made of metal, although looks like it. The skull cup is almost full to the brim, with blood, so there's not much stuff to put in it, if you want. The pasties are sticked to each other back to back, so you see only one from the picture. The base, there is no support for standing, nothing to hold it or stable it. The figure is able to stand on itself, however. There is a couple of hands and a pair of high heels feet to replace with.][/url]
Here's the pasties, seperated, on the back. I did not feel the stickiness with my finger, so i couldn't really tell how sticky it is. I am able to separate them though, without any difficulties, so i believe it is not that sticky. This means, i could easily remove them from the chest area. Well i haven't tried yet, will update if i do.][/url]
There it is, both HS and body is of the same tone. Really, nothing challenging to dress up.][/url]
The front of the hair is sculpted, with rooted hair along the hairline.


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Thanks for this review with nice, clear photos. The figure looks really nice! Do you think this body has less defined abdominal muscles than the other muscle bodies?
I believed this figure is S21B, dark tone large breast size. As compared with 23B, a medium breast but more muscular version, this body would be less defined in muscles.
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