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My friends call me Ray
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I have not produced any figure for a year. Here is my latest work.

Since Takara and HT announced the release of Deunan, I have been planning on doing one. However, the one I have in mind is not the one as in Ex Machina, but the version in Appleseed 1 while she was still fighting in the Global War.
Details of Appleseed the movie and Deunan can be found here:

Photoshoped CG's
Concepts of these CG are mainly based on the opening scenes of Appleseed 1 movie. Deunan and her team are in urban street fight with some unknown army.
The idea of this CG is based on those high mobility tanks in the opening. They are equipped with gatling guns of enormous power.

On request of Phantom11 (Roy) I did this CG based on one of the acrobatic moves of Deunan doing a back flip and fire her shot gun at one of the enemies.

Well, how can I not do a CG of Deunan and Briareos. Here is one based on the movie poster.

One of the challenge of this project was to collect all the matching parts. I would say the result is 70% alike. The major gap is probably the hair style of the Takara head is not really faithful to Deunan, and I did not attempt to fix it. Below is capturing the progress over the course of a month how the figure has evolved from the beginning to the end result.

Parts Breakdown:
Head - Takara Deunan repainted (see below)
Body - CoolGirl 2.0, applied matt paint and pastel chalk
Hands - CoolGirl hands modified (see below)
Tank Top - Azone, collar cut
Pants - unknown parts bought online, modified to fit female body
Boots - unknown parts bought in Tokyo
Night Vision Goggles - custom made (see below)
Assault SMG - custom made (see below)
Gong Shot Gun - from a Motoko figure, repainted
Shot Gun Holster - from CoolGirl12, modified
Hand Gun - from Takara Deunan
Hand Gun Holster - unknown parts bought online

Head Repaint
As Deunan is an anime character, I tried to paint her eyes bigger and with stronger colors. Hair has slightly trimmed. I also applied some pastel chalk to make face shape stand out more.

Hand Gloves Modification
Some cosmetic modification using AB Epoxy Putty to make the gloves look closer with those in movie. First make thin sheet of the putty. Then cut in small pieces. Put on hands and use sculpting tool to blend the material. After the putty is becoming hard, use grinder to refine.

Night Vision Goggles
This is made of unused parts I found. To make it look a bit closer with the movie version, I added some custom parts. The green lens are Gundam accessories. I painted the back with silver so they grow with the right lighting.

Assault SMG
This has already been posted. For details pls visit:

Reference Pics

Some Raw Photos

Thanks for watching this Part 1.
Part 2 is here:


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That is absolutely outstanding! Thanks for showing us the in-progress shots and the evolution of your work. Can't wait for the next two parts!

By the way, any more shots of that tank you mentioned. The bit of it I can see in the one photo looks totally bad-ass!

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Holy Sheep Dip! Wow man that is so freakin fantastic. Love all the custom work (goggles are way cool). In one picture it looks like she has the gong? Any more pictures of that?
Some great stuff on her. The shoulder holster turned into a cross draw is very cool.

Your work is always inspiring to me, I hope you don't wait another year to post another figure.

Space Monkey
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This is just.....WOW.....Thanks for the wip shots, it always helps to see the progress. I'm so glad I saved all those CY fingerless gloves, now I know that I can mod them like that, there will be a lot more tactical gloves being made. :cheers

My friends call me Ray
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S.W.A.T, uramegak, FirefighterUK, dic07046139, holiday, thank you very much for your supportive comments!

Craig659, the tank in the CG is fabricated. I use photoshop to add the gatling gun to it. This is the original pic of that tank:

doly, thanks! I think you are probably right those boots are a bit oversized for female. Unfortunately I have not come across another pair I like.
WritinMan, thanks! With all the supporting message I think it worths the effort of working on those WIP pics.
crowinghorse(Jess), about SF group bash, sure, let me see what I can do.
Mlatch221, thanks! You are always supportive!
widescene(John), I'm glad that you like this one. Yup, working on part 2 right now.
KneeJoint, thanks! Yes, I got the Gong. However, it is a bit under scale. See below the gear inventory pic.
visitor, pls see the shot gun below. I will get more pics about the goggles later.
Warlordskeep(Paul), thanks as always man! For the guy with cyber eye I will give full details in part 2. Pls wait.
onesixx(Andy), I am really flattered. Thanks for the nice comments!
Stinny, thank you! You are always supportive to my work!
rfr5671, I was also a little hesitated if that mod will work as those hands are made of flexible plastic. But the putty stays pretty nice on the surface. I'm glad that tip helps.
Ashton16, I would also wish HT will produce something more on Appleseed, and with better customization opportunity.

Deunan's accessories:
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