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I wanted to once and for all see exactly how clothes would turn out if they are painted instead of dyed.

First, the subject, an old DML jacket:"[/URL] border="0" alt=" photo P6260003_zps0b58b709.jpg"/></a>[/IMG]

I painted the sleeves only to show the effect, here they are fresh off the paint jar; the blue comes from Vallejo, the red is common craft acrylics:

(I'm probably cursing in a church now, but understand this: the brand of the paint matters very little. Most paints come from the same manufacturer who just pours the paint into different jars depending on which brand it will show. That means that you can pay twice the money for half the paint.

That is not to say hobby paints have no use . they have a wider range of colors than craft paints which is useful. But me being me, I mix my own paints every now and then... Yeah, I'm pennywise).

Right, that loong parenthesis aside, what you saw was pretty mcuh what you'd expect, fabric getting stiff from essentially being caked with paint. However, I did something more:

That is the red sleeve having had a good rinse in hot water and a couple of tablespoons of salt and having been left to dry. There are faint white streaks from the salt, but another wash under running hot water gave this result:

It doesn't show up well, but the fabric, once dry has become soft and pliable.

The blue sleeve is hard and doesn't wrinkle well, but the red:

...behaves as it should. The fabric is soft and nice, and the color is even.

Note that I did not let the jacket dry on the figure, otherwise the wrinkles and folds would show up better.

That was made with pretty much undiluted paint. If you use more diluted paint, or essentially colored water, you'd get this instead:

Thanks for watching.

Say what?
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Very nice demonstration, man.

And, that trick with the salt is clever indeed.

Thanks for showing us.

Captain Eyestrain
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Nice demo , it works.
I agree about buying Craft paint and mixing your own , ( I also buy large artist acrylic tubs ) since buying small containers of accurate colour Hobby Paint ( such as Vallejo ) can be pricey for thsi job, and gives no better result.
I've been mixing my own paints and recolouring uniforms for years . The hot wash with salt is a nice wrinkle : I usually just crush and knead the item for while to soften it .
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