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Hi all,
Is Pack Ratz toys still in business? I just ordered and paid for a Soldier Story 82nd Airborne Medic from them.
I haven't received any confirmation or shipping information. It's been over a week now. Does anybody know the owner or have any contact information.
I tried their e-mail but it doesn't exist anymore.

Mark aka delusional

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I met him a couple of times years and years ago—maybe as many as 15—he lived in my metro area and I went to buy a few things from him once or twice.

He probably has some old stock sitting in his garage or maybe it’s from his personal stash.

It would be nice, however, to disable your website or ability to accept orders if you’re no longer in business, provided you’re actually no longer in business, of course.

Glad he answered you; he was a nice guy as I recall.
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