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P2: Elder Predator Photo Review

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Hello. I thought I'd share another photo review I did for I hope you enjoy it. Please check it out HERE.

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The ever high octane, highly entertaining review, Mr. Hylton. :p Thanks bro.
Thanks a lot, Leo. I'm glad you checked it out.

Thanks too, crazydragonclk.

Cool! I appreciate your laugh, abake.
The pics are to funny lol.
i find it odd how they gave an extra left hand that is like almost identical to the other left hand, and they didnt give a different pose right hand
Excellent photo story! Great collection of predators.
USMC Maggot, I am glad you see the fun in it too!

crazydragonclk, I have to agree. Hot Toys did an excellent job with this figure. It has great posability with strong joints, but it is very short on accessories.

Thank you, mgbb. Your praise means a lot.
Great shots Hylton. Entertaining as always.
Hey Fab5Freddy, thanks for posting.

Thank you, scarab. I am glad you liked it and let me know.
Elder predator has been the best Pred IMO, i love ur pictures man.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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