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Outdoor-pics: Training-Camp

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here are some pics I made last summer...

I build up a trainig-camp for my troops... :hat

Physical trainig:

There are also some climbing-excercises:

Next to the climbing-facility, some troops gets instructions in tactics, the supervisors are from the Special Forces...

There also exists a shooting-range:

By the way, what's the state of affairs at the physical training?

- well, looks good...

And at the climbing training?

But wait, as always, somebody goes over the top... Look at the shooting-range!!! Stop that!!

Well, this was my little outdoor-shooting, I hope you like the pics!


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awesome pics and love your training camp is amazing:thumb
that is awesome, i wish i had the time to do soemthing like that.
Wow thats pretty cool, thanks for posting your pics.
This is truly AWESOME! You my friend are a madmann! LOL.
This must have taken some time to set up and take pictures. My
hats off to you young Trooper. Wish I had this kind of time.

Now that is what I call having some fun....good for you. It's like the days when we played with our GI Joes. You took me back about 30 years. Nice ride!

All your hard work setting up really paid off. I enjoyed these pics alot!

One Shot out!
Ha, looks like fun. Great set ups!
Dude that's so cool, it almost looks like a movie.
Brilliant! Really, really good.

How did you do the guy swinging across the hole?
First at all: Thank you very much!!

@ ActionMan: Well... I did it with the use of HT-flexhands, a lot of posing and many, many tries... :lol


I was going to say "awesome", but several others already said that. So I'll just say Great work.
I only have one question... Was it as much fun setting it all up as it looks... Man I would love to have participated in something like that.! Great work, fantastic pictures, the whole set up man, Really really nice......
excellent outdoor shots...and i really nice idea...I really like the way you used different training areas in the same location...really nice stuff!
Wow. Training camp - nice play! :thumb :thumb :thumb
Love your setup there! Especially when he tries to test fire some heavy weapons!

sehr gute mein freund!!
Very cool stuff! Well done, sir!
1 - 20 of 84 Posts
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