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1 ht seal cqb desert raid bdu version
2 ht cia
3 ht seal udt wet suit version
4 ht seal udt aga mask version
5 bbi gunslinger
6 ts eod
7 ht halo udt wet suit version 07
8 ht mef II od flight suit version
9 ace green beret (aws cqb vest) set
10 ht seal cqb toys 2 od flight suit version

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Interesting to see the varied collectors opinions, and you can clearly see who collects what. As for me (A WWII Collector mostly):
10. Soldiers Story 101st Automatic Rifleman
9. DiD Albert Ross
8. DiD Kurt Dorr
7. Dragon Kalt & Nasse
6. Dragon Mike Connolly
5. Soldat Harry Collins
4. Dragon Frank Laird
3. DiD Corbin Black
2. DiD Hans Ulrich Grimminger
1. Soldat Jim Gordon

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I have to agree with Oaktown and 38oliver and put the five repro Adventure Team GI Joes on my list.

I'm not sure what else I'd put on my list since I mostly kitbash but among them would be the original version of the Cy Girl Electra, Dragon's first two modern Rangers (the guys with the full RACK gear), and BBI's Gunslinger, Prowler and Rogue.
Not individual boxed figures per se but the GI Joe Super Articulated figures and Obitsu's line of 1/6 scale female heads and bodies play a big role in my current hobby focus.

Oh crap, and how could I have forgotten BBI's Colossus? My all-time favorite robot/cyborg-ish dude.

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I chose mine based on best bang for the buck as well as how blown away I was with them when they were released. I own all except ED.

BBi Striker- BBI's first Delta guy, blew away Leo, and made my mouth water when I saw those preview images.
BBi Raptor - still one of the best sculpts out there
DML Jones - for some reason, just plain cool
BBi Owl - first guy with the super high speed NVG monocle, love it
BBi Neil - hands down one of the best values for your money ever!
21st German Machnegunner - loaded with tons of then-cool gear, my fav 21st fig
BBi Trident - another incredible figure with great value
HT Devgru (original) - first HT figure I ever saw in person, and I was hooked
DiD Hans Ebner - my first DiD figure, and good bang for the buck
HT ED209 - need I say more?

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Never thought I'd make a list, but here goes:

Toys McCoy Indiana Jones
Aoshima die-cast Terminator Endoskeleton
Characterhouse Jao's Korean Emperor
Realm of the Rodent Crycket
HT ED-209
Medicom Darth Vader
Medicom Boba Fett
Medicom Jango Fett
Takara Panzerkop (male)
DID Samurai

Now, if you included customs, I'd have/would like to have some from all of you guys . . .

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Initially a toughie, but.......

BBI Lucifer
DML Wasabi Hubert
SS Endor Sarge
SS Endor Nik Sant
SS Endor Grunt (Forgot his rank, the guy without the beard.)
SS Mk2 Buffy
Character Toys Dr Who
Character Toys Martha Jones
BBI A J McLeod
BBI Blaze

I'm sure there's others but I could remember those!


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Since they can be 1/6 or 12"....
Takara MP Optimus Prime
Takara MP Megatron
Medicom Spawn RAH
Medicom Boba Fett
Medicom Darth Vader ROTJ version even though he's too short
HT Hicks (which I'll never be able to afford)
HT Powerloader
SS Mace Windu
SS Obi Wan ROTS version
HT Clubber Lang in street clothes...hey I was a big Mr. T fan as a kid :)
If 11 is the new 10, then the hot toys predator 2 has got to get in here.

I'm pretty sure the Medicom Darth Maul is going to kick something out of this list.

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I personally don't think the Medicom Fett is "all that" fact, now that I own him, I actually am kinda disappointed with his shape-hugging uniform, like so many Japanese figures they cut the legs too tightly IMHO.

PS: Did anyone here mention the three SST SPINAL TAP figures? Cuz if not, they gotta be included :)

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I wanna try to do one or two from each major player:

The original German SOTW from Hasbro... that was one cool figure! Or my first Joe, the SOTW Japanese soldier

Hot Toys Polar Mt Striker (my only HT figure, i just think he's cool)

DML Hans (restarted the revolution where Hasbro left off in 1969 or so)
DML Sgt. Jones (perhaps the best figure ever? Cool uniform, great headsculpt, extremely popular and impossible to find)
DML Horst/Blitz: How can you not love a guy with a HUGE frickin horse!???

21C German Machine gunner (cool stuff, great value, lots of accessories. Makes you wish they still made stuff like this).

Any of the DID Samurai , DID Angus (gotta love a Scotsman) or DID Albert Ross: A class A uniform, for goodness sake, with plenty of gear to outfit a second figure.

BBI Lt. Sakai: perfect out of the box! If not sakai, then Prowler or Bones (the USAF Pararescue)

Sea International: the Bear Fur Samurai

aahhhh, this is too hard!

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Straight out of their boxes and in no particular order:

Enterbay Bruce Lee Game of Death
Takara Batman Begins
Medicom Darth Vader
Hot Toys Ripley with Power Loader
Hot Toys Predator 2 Elder
Hot Toys Jack Sparrow
Hot Toys Alien Warrior (1st version)
Dragon Soldat 001 Peter Schmidt
Alfrex Seven Samurai set
Alfrex Lone Wolf and Cub set

It could easily have been a list of twenty...

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HT Predator 2 Elder predator
HT Predator 2 Predator
HT Endo

Figures on Pre Order, you should get!

HT AVP-R Predator
HT AVP-R Predalien Hybrid
HT PMC Operator 2007 ( probably the only human figure ill ever get )

oh.. thats all ill have in my collection for now :thumb

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From my collections I already have go like this

1 -Bruce Willis :sin city (Gorae Project)
2 -Brad Pitt :seven (Kojun)
3 -Tom Cruise :last samurai
4 -Bruce Lee both versions (Enterbay)
5 -Indiana Jones (Toys McCoy)
6 -Jet Li (Enterbay)
7 -All Kamen Riders (Medicom)
8 -All Ultraman (Medicom)
9 -James Dean (Eric So)
10-Bae Yong Joon (Kojun)

Still Wants (may be out of reach)

-David Beckham (Kojun)
-Charles Chaplin (Rainman)
-Brad Pitt (INAE)
-Ultraman Zoffy (Medicom)
-Craig Bond (Dawgestyle)

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HeadRusch1 said:
I personally don't think the Medicom Fett is "all that" fact, now that I own him, I actually am kinda disappointed with his shape-hugging uniform, like so many Japanese figures they cut the legs too tightly IMHO.

PS: Did anyone here mention the three SST SPINAL TAP figures? Cuz if not, they gotta be included :)
No the Fett isn't perfect but compared to everything else that's come out so's a big leap. Even the Marmit Fett doesn't compare right out of the box though I've seen some customized versions that are nearly spot on.

I have some spinal tap figs on the way actually, funny you mention them. I can remember Spencer's gifts not being able to give them away a few years back, and I've recently went through about 10 ebay auctions and lost all of them before finally scoring :)

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Here are a few of the Top "Many" on my list (since no one specified from where, and that everyones opinion on what should be in a collection varies):

- Corporal Amy Griggs

- Marine Fast
- Desert SEAL

The Ulsterman
- Black Watch, No. 2 Dress
- Royal Irish Regiment
- Buglar of the Irish Guard

Phillipe Leclerc
- S.A.S. Falklands War
- U.S. Navy SEAL, Afghanistan

Lee Liam
- Tiger Stripe Operator 2.0

- SASR, East Timor
- Clint Eastwood in "Heartbreak Ridge"

- USMC Ramadi

Calvin Lo
- Night Claws - Black Magic

Private Mc LEOD
- Full Gear Cowboy, 1878
- Blackbeard

- Ghurka
- Grenadier Guard

And some vehicles:

[email protected]@[email protected]
- Hell Cycle w/lighting mod

The Ulsterman
- RUC Armoured Landrover

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Just 10? My Favs in no particular order are:

Dragon 'Jason' sniper
Dragon 'Graham' 2nd Para Regiment Falklands
Dragon 'Cody' Special Ops
Dragon 'Erwin Stangenberg' German WWII Fallschirmjaeger
Sideshow Bond -George Lazenby
Medicom Stromtrooper
Hasbro Biker Scouts
Soldier Story CIA SOG OSFE exclusive
Dragon 'Clay' Anti-terror advisor

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My ten most wanted, in no particular order.

HT Aliens Warrior
HT Predator 1 (we will see this guy in '08!!)
HT EndoSkeleton
Medicom Boba Fett
Marmit Sandtrooper/Stormtrooper
Takara Panzer Kop
Indianna Jones (custom. Is there a licensed version?)
HT Robocop
RJ MacReady (custom)
Alien 3 Company Commando (a custom Id' really love to attempt)
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