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Here are my top 10 for the moment.

1. Medicom Boba Fett (no one can resist a Fett... resistance is futile!)
2. Medicom Ultraman Ver B
3. Medicom Masked Riders Classic (the first 5 only ie No.1, No.2, V3, Riderman & Rider X. Sadly, I am still missing V3 & Riderman)
4. Hasbro Biker Scout w/ Bike (Target Exclusive)
5. Hot Toys Firefighter, both Trainee & Lt
6. Medicom Ultraman human form Hayata (don't own this one as well)
7. DiD Samurai series - all 3 of them
8. DML NAM US Marine "Russel"
9. Medicom Sandtrooper
10. Medicom Lion Maru G & Tiger Joe

Frankly speaking in 1:6 collecting, there is no one standard for a person to call a figure "great". It all come down to what you actually want and are interested in. If you look at my list, quite obviously I am a fan of Japanese super heroes of which some folks may not even have heard of. So many times, one's dirt is another one's gold :)
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