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Wow - tough question. I only do WWII (with a few exceptions) so you can most likely guess where I am going with this:

My Favs are:
- SS George Washington
- SS Revolutionary Brit and Yank
- SS Abe Lincoln
- SS R Lee Ermy
- Dragon Buzz Aldrin
- DiD Samurais (All so far)
- Medicom Boba Fett
- BBi Japanese Pilot (recently added to the list - although I am not a big
pilot collector, this figure is just way too impressive to not be
- BBi Japanese Officer (recently added to list. A very well executed figure!)
- TUS SEarch and Rescue (This figure was the one that got me back in - I was amazed at the amount of gear and detail - although i recently sold him off)

After a few edits,I finally hit 10, and yes very few are WWII, but since I squad build, my WWII figs jsut don't stand out like my exceptions (which those comprise my complete list of exceptions). Plus they are mostly based on real people which adds to the attraction for me.
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