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Hollowpoint said:
Sawgunner, military terms like FIBUA (Fighting In Built Up Areas) are ok. But do we really need to know what FUBAR stands for? Just tell them to watch Tango and Cash for that meaning.
Yes... we do. It's easier than watching garbage .

Runs with Scissors
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CC = Gijoe Classic collection type body

MWD = Men With Dolls Forum

OSAFB = one sixth action figure board forum

Sandbox = usenet group

AT = Adventure Team.

CA = Captain Action figure (vintage or repro)

HOF = Hall of Fame , Hasbro's early 90's 12" figures with limited articulation

Fnet = Fantasynet 1:6 discussion forum

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May I add my own:

FrankenJoe - a vintage GI Joe figure pieced together from parts from many different sources.

Repro - a modern day replication/reproduction of a collectible vintage toy or toy part.

Premium - see also exclusive -a limited run collectible produced by a toy company as an enticement to attend a convention, or purchase small run high dollar product.

AO - Area of Operation.

KFG - Kung Fu Grip - flexible gripping hands as found on 70's AT GI Joes.

GHG - Gung Ho Grip - Hinged gripping hands as found on Classic Collection or Super Articulated GI Joes.

Nose pickers - GI Joe's original, hard plastic, fixed position hands. Derogatory term, named after Joe's right hand, with it's trigger finger extended.

SA - Super Articulated GI Joes - a short production run of highly articulated bodies released at the end of the CC Joes run at retail.

Fuzzhead - Flocked hair GI Joes - commonly see during the AT run - that featured both KFG and nosepicker hands.

Recon - Recon of your AO for toys. Masculine slang for making a toy run that hits one or more store stops during a single trip.

TIA - Thanks In Advance.

HTH - Hope This Helps.

WTD - Wanted.

F/S - FS - For Sale.

F/S/T - FST - For Sale or Trade.

M&C Toys - Manufacturer of Power Team Toys.

Power Team - also issued under the names World Peacekeepers and Power Team Elite.

Tuesday Morning - A small closeout retailer that frequently features odd 1/6th finds.

ActionScale - A largely archaic term - (almost) popularized by Sandboxer Thor Sadler - to describe the hobby as it moved past being GI Joe-centric to a more thriving, new manufacturer driven hobby.

Clearance - What every retail toy purchasing fan waits for - deep discounts on retail items that allow collectors to stock up on their favorite or pick up less desirable items. Also, the reason the hobby is dead at brick and mortar retail.

Big Lots - A medium-sized chain of deep discounter stores that sell Power Team seasonally as well as various knock off items.

Dollar General - Low dollar retailer, small chain, sells mostly knock off goods, but also carries Power Team seasonally.

Knock off - An item that is created as part of an unauthorized production run of an existing item from an unaffiliated company. Typically cheaply made, often nearing junk in quality.

SSAM - Soldier Sailor Airman Marine - the name given to 21st C (aka 21st CT) CC style figure. Early run figures - largely appearing only at KB Toys - are also known as 'Babyface SSAMs' for the young looking sculpt use. SA SSAMS are the super articulated, hyper muscular body that appeared at the end of that company's original run at retail.

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