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Hey guys, so I'm starting a glossary of sorts to help everyone with terms and acronyms they might not know. I'll start of with a few and you guys can post additional ones and I'll update them to the thread.

In the interest of keeping this glossary light and simple try to keep all terms and acronyms in the realm of the 1:6 hobby. This means keep it to words and terms from manufacturers, gear and other related.

*if you have URL's to go with terms please give them too as I'll link them.

If there's something not here try: or or let me know and I'll add it.

12" - twelve inch, the size of the action figures standing
1/6 - aka 1:6 (one sixth), the scale of the action figures to real life
21C = 21ST Century Toys, 1/6 maker (aka TUS)

AA - African American
ABU - Airman Battle Uniform
ACH - Advanced Combat Helmet
ActionScale - A largely archaic term - (almost) popularized by Sandboxer Thor Sadler - to describe the hobby as it moved past being GI Joe-centric to a more thriving, new manufacturer driven hobby
ACU - Army Combat Uniform, battledress that uses UCP
ACW - American Civil War
Adam - DML body type
AFSOC - Air Force Special Operations Command
AKA - Also Known As
AM - Action Man, a line of 1/6 figures introduced in 1966 and reintroduced in 1993
AO - Area of Operation.
AoT - Army of Tennessee
AoP - Army of the Potomac
ANV - Army of Northern Virginia
Articulation - A figures range of movement
Ashley Wood - an artist responsible for the line of WWR figures
AT - Adventure Team
Auction - Method of selling through bidding, commonly refers to eBay
AVP - Alien vs. Predator
AVPR - Alien vs. Predator Requiem

Bash - see 'Kitbash'
BBi - Blue Box International or Blue Box Toys, 1/6 maker
BDU - Battle Dress Uniform
Beet - Boot-feet
BGT - Battle Gear Toys
BHI - Black Hawk Industries, maker of military, security and outdoor gear
Big Lots - A medium-sized chain of deep discounter stores that sell Power Team seasonally as well as various knock off items
Black Hawk Down - a film by Ridley Scott based in Mogadishu, Somalia and source material for many bashes
BofB - Band of Brothers or Battle of Britain
BOBFOC - Body off Bay Watch, Face off Crime Watch
Butterface - Everything looks good but her face!

CA - Captain Action figure (vintage or repro)
CADPAT - Candadian Disruptive Pattern (digital camo)
Camelback - brand of hydration pack worn on back
CAT - Combat Application Tourniquet
CC - Gijoe Classic collection type body
CCT - Combat Controller
CD - Crazy Dummy, 1/6 maker
CH - Cyberhobby
CIA SAD - Central Intelligence Agency Special Activities Division, a division within the US CIA NCS (National Clandestine Service) responsible for covert actions.
CIRAS - Combat Integrated Releasable Armor System made by Eagle Industries
Clearance - What every retail toy purchasing fan waits for - deep discounts on retail items that allow collectors to stock up on their favorite or pick up less desirable items. Also, the reason the hobby is dead at brick and mortar retail
Cotsworld Collectibles - Cotsworld Collectibles, 1/6 store
CQB - Close Quarter Battle
CQC - Close Quarters Combat
CQD - Close Quarters Defence
CT - Counter Terrorist/sm

DCU - Desert Combat/Camo Uniform
DEVGRU - short for NAVSPECWARDEVGRU which is in turn short for Navy Special Warfare Development Group, formerly ST6 or SEAL Team 6, maritime SOF under the Department of the Navy
DiD - Dragon in Dreams, 1/6 maker
DILLIGAK - Does It Look Like I Give A F**k
DML - Dragon Models Limited, 1/6 maker
Dollar General - Low dollar retailer, small chain, sells mostly knock off goods, but also carries Power Team seasonally
DPM - Disruptive Pattern Material
DPV - Desert Patrol Vehicle
Dremel - rotary tool brand

E&E - Escape and Evasion
eBay - online auction website, large source of 1/6 products
EBT - Echo Base Toys, 1/6 retailer
EGA - Eagle, Globe, and Anchor the emblem of the United States Marine Corps
Enterbay - 1/6 maker
EOD - Explosive Ordinance Disposal
Evilbay - Derogatory term for eBay

FAST - Fleet Anti-terror Security Team
Femme Fatale - alluring and seductive woman that leads men to do dangerous things, a common 1/6th theme
FISH - Fighting In Someone's House (i.e. FIBUA)
FN - Fabrique Nationale
Fnet - Fantasynet, 1/6 discussion forum
FR - reference to USMC Force Reconnaissance companies or battalions. 1st and 2nd Recon are now a part of MARSOC, or Marine Special Operations
FrankenJoe - a vintage GI Joe figure pieced together from parts from many different sources.
FS aka F/S - For Sale
FSB - Federal Security Bureau (Post USSR KGB)
FST aka F/S/T - For Sale or Trade.
FUBAR - F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition
Fuzzhead - Flocked hair GI Joes, commonly see during the AT run - that featured both KFG and nosepicker hands.

G3.5 - BBi body version
GHG - Gung Ho Grip, Hinged gripping hands as found on Classic Collection or Super Articulated GI Joes.
Ghillie - sniper camoflage suit
GIGN - Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale, French CT unit
GI Joe - a line of 1/6 figures introduced in 1964 by Hasbro
GPMG - General Purpose Machine Gun
GSG9 = Grenzschutzgruppe 9, German CT unit
GSTG - Good stuff to go

HAHO - High Altitude, High Opening
HALO - High Altitude, Low Opening
Headsculpt - The head of a figure
HK - Heckler & Koch, German weapons manufacturer or abbreviation for Hong Kong
HKCC - Hong Kong Comic Con
HMMWV - High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, military 4WD created by AM General. Primarily used in the US
HOF - Hall of Fame, Hasbro's early 90's 12" figures with limited articulation
HRT - Hostage Rescue Team
HS - Head scuplt
HT - Hot Toys, 1/6 maker
HTH - Hope This Helps
Humvee / Hummer - slang term for the HMMWV or GM Hummer range which is based on the HMMWV
HWF - Human Wave Figure, 1/6 maker

IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
IMHO - In My Honest Opinion
IOTV - Improved Outer Tactical Vest, modular body armour vest system made for the US army
ITPT - In The Past Toys

JSOC - Joint Special Operations Command
JTAC - Joint Terminal Attack Controller,

KAC - Knight Armament Company
KFG - Kung Fu Grip, flexible gripping hands as found on 70's AT GI Joes.
KGB - Russian Commitee for State Security
Knock off - An item that is created as part of an unauthorized production run of an existing item from an unaffiliated company. Typically cheaply made, often nearing junk in quality
Kitbash - using a mix of gears from different manufacturers or 1/6 releases on a figure
KOTM - Kitbash of The Month, voted by forum members the thread is usually stickied at the top of 'general talk'

LAW - Light Armor/Anti-tank Weapon
LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
LF - Looking For (trade post) or Lightforce 59
LMAO - Laughing My A** Off
Loading Toys - Loading Toys, 1/6 maker
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
LMG - Light Machine Gun
LMK - Let Me Know
LRRP - Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol
LYK - Let You Know
LZ - Landing Zone

M8 - Mate (British slang)
M&C Toys - Manufacturer of Power Team Toys
MACV-SOG - Military Assistance Command Vietnam - Studies & Observation Group
Mandoll - articulated male actionfigures
MARPAT - MARine disruptive PATtern, camo
MARSOC - United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, the marine corps' contribution to SOCOM
Medicom - Medicom Toy Corporation, 1/6 maker
MCCUU - Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform
MCU - Medcial, Chemical Uniform
MD - Monkey Depot, 1/6 store
MIB - Mint In Box
MICH - Modular Integrated Communications Helmet
MOLLE - Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, equipment systems that use PALS webbing
MOC - Mint On Card
Mod/s - modified or moderator (forum moderator)
MP - Military Police
MRE - Meal Ready to Eat or Modular Rail Extension (from KAC)
MVD - Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs
MWD - Men With Dolls, 1/6 forum

NAM - Vietnam, commonly referring to the Vietnam War (1959 - 1975)
NBC - Nuclear, Biological and Chemical
Neo - DML body type (Neo Adam, Neo3)
NLM - New Line Miniatures
NOD - Night Optical Devices
Nose pickers - GI Joe's original, hard plastic, fixed position hands. Derogatory term, named after Joe's right hand, with it's trigger finger extended.
NRFB - Never Removed From Box
NVG- Night Vision Goggles
Nude - bare figure

OD - Olive Drab
OKC - Ontario Knife Company, manufacturer/supplier of USMC bayonets that have been on the recent HT Marine figures
OMON - Russian Special Forces Militia Detachment
Opsec - Operational Security, military censorship
OSAFB - One Sixth Action Figure Board, 1/6 forum
OSS - One Sixth Scale, UK 1/6 forum
OSW - One Sixth Warrior, (this forum)

PALS - Pouch Attachment Ladder System, webbing found on MOLLE gear and more
PASGT- Personal Armor System for Ground Troops
PCH - Pork Chop Hill
PCU- Protective Combat Uniform, army's cold weather gear
PH - Playhouse, 1/6 maker
Plastic crack - slang to describe the addiction to the 1/6 hobby
PM - Private Message
PMC - Private Military Contractor
Post Apocalyptic - Imagined futuristic or alternate reality where an Apocalypse has occurred, a common 1/6th theme
Power Team - Also issued under the names World Peacekeepers and Power Team Elite
Premium - see also exclusive -a limited run collectible produced by a toy company as an enticement to attend a convention, or purchase small run high dollar product.
PT - Power Team

RA - Reload Action
RAH - Real Action/American Hero
Recon - Recon of your AO for toys. Masculine slang for making a toy run that hits one or more store stops during a single trip.
Recon - reference to USMC Force Reconnaissance companies or battalions. 1st and 2nd Recon are now a part of MARSOC, or Marine Special Operations Command, while 3rd and 4th Recon maintain their independent* statuses.
Repro - a modern day replication/reproduction of a collectible vintage toy or toy part.
RMC - Realistic Miniature Collectible Co.

S.T.R.I.K.E. - Soldier Tactical Retro Integrated Kit Enhanced
Sandbox - usenet group
SA - Super Articulated GI Joes, a short production run of highly articulated bodies released at the end of the CC Joes run at retail.
SAW - Squad Automatic Weapon
SAS - Special Air Service, British special forces
SASR - Special Air Service Regiment, Australian special forces modeled on the SAS
Sci Fi - Science Fiction, genre or fiction that involves imagined future technologies. A common 1/6th theme
SDCC - San Diego Comic Convention
SLR - Self Loading Rifle (weaponry) or Single Lens Reflex (photography)
SNAFU - Situation Normal All F**ked Up
SOAR - US Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
SOE - Special Operations Equipment
SOF - Special Operations Forces
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
SOPMOD / SOP-MOD - Special Operations Peculiar Modification
SOTW - Soldiers of the World
SOTG - Special Operations Training Group (USMC) or Special Operations Task Group (Australian)
SPF - Sold Pending Funds
SPR - Special Purpose Rifle or Saving Private Ryan, a film by Steven Spielberg based on the second World War and source material for many bashes
SRT- Special Response Team
SS - Soldier Story, 1/6 maker
SSAM - Soldier Sailor Airman Marine - the name given to 21st C (aka 21st CT) CC style figure. Early run figures - largely appearing only at KB Toys - are also known as 'Babyface SSAMs' for the young looking sculpt use. SA SSAMS are the super articulated, hyper muscular body that appeared at the end of that company's original run at retail
SST - Side Show Toys, 1/6 maker
ST - Saturday Toys
Stan, the - Afghanistan
SUCK - Supreme Unmatched Custom Kitbash
SWAT- Special Weapons And Tactics, American police unit
SWMBO - She Who Must Be Obeyed, a reference to the wife or girlfriend who may not be as thrilled with action figures as you are

TACP - Tactical Air Control Party, of which an esteemed OSW member and mod is
TAG - Tactical Assault Group (East or West), Australian instant response assault team
TF - Task Force
TIA - Thanks In Advance
TLD - The Longest Day
TOTS - Tears of the Sun, a film by Antoine Fuqua and a source for many bashes
TRL - Thin Red Line, a film
TRU - Toys 'R' Us, toy and 1/6 retailer
TS - Toy Soldier, 1/6 maker *** can someone give me the URL
TSH - Toy Soldier Headquarters
TT- Twisting Toys, 1/6 maker or Triad Toys, also a 1/6 maker
Tuesday Morning - A small closeout retailer that frequently features odd 1/6th finds.
TTL - 1/6 maker
TTYL - Talk To You Later
TUS - The Ultimate Soldier, line of 21C figures

UBACS - Under Body Armour Combat Shirt
UCP - Universal Camoflage Pattern aka ACUPAT, ARPAT
UDT- Underwater Demolition Teams
UKSF - United Kingdom Special Forces
USSF - United States Special Forces
USMC - United States Marine Corps
USSOCOM- United States Special Operations Command

VAM - Vintage Action Man
VBSS - Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure, maritime cordon and search type operation. A variation may subsititute Vessel for Visit, but its the same thing

WannaVee - slang term for GM Hummer range
WBTS - War Between The States.
Weathering - Process of applying art materials to give objects an aged 'Weathered' look
WIP - Work in Progress
WTB - Want To Buy
WTD - Wanted
WTF - When Trumpets Fade
WTS - Want To Sell
WTT - Want To Trade
WWI - World War 1
WWII - World War 2
WWR - World War Robot, a figure line by Ashley Wood
WWZ - World War Zombie, see World War Z

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Nice start cykninja! Please feel free to add to this list gang. I am going to sticky this.

New Clone (OSW Staff)
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How about these,
HS - Head Sculpt
ebt - Echo Base Toys
MD - Monkey Depot
TRU - Toys R Us

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LYK - let you know
LMK - let me know
IMHO - in my honest opinion
IIRC - if I recall correctly
SPF - sold pending funds

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ACW - American Civil War
AoT - Army of Tennessee
AoP - Army of the Potomac
ANV - Army of Northern Virginia

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i'm not sure if we really need this; all of this can be found in the internet already.

BTW: SAS = Special Air Service, SASR = Special Air Service Regiment, USMC = United States Marine Corps

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KGB-Commitee for State Security
MVD-Ministry of Internal Affairs
FSB Federal Security Bureau(Post USSR KGB)
OMON-Special Forces Militia Detachment
To name a few of my favorites...

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Nice job on the list, it's helpful as well as a quick and dirty test to see if others only skimmed your list, LOL - laff out loud

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Real nice idea. Let's hope it doesn't get FUBAR. As of late though that would be : SNAFU. Then , we as STAFF have to yell: BOHICA!

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Butch, perhaps you could post the meaning of you SUCK here.

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Hollowpoint said:
Butch, perhaps you could post the meaning of you SUCK here.
You Suck means : you are REALLY good.
The OFFICIAL meaning:

S : Supreme
U : Unmatched
C : Custom
K : Kitbash

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Sawgunner said:
You Suck means : you are REALLY good.
The OFFICIAL meaning:

S : Supreme
U : Unmatched
C : Custom
K : Kitbash
so THATS what it is when you yell that at other members :erm

i knew that :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol
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